What's Playing 05/02/08

Ladies and gentlemen. Kids of all ages. We have officially reached the summertime moment of the year when we get our first blockbuster and it is a biggie. Robert Downey Jr. steps into the shoes of Tony Stark as a drunken millionaire…hmm, sound familiar? But no matter because it is Iron Man and it is going to be awesome. Oh, and in case you wanted to see the vice versa version of My Best Friend’s Wedding, that’s coming out too.

Wide Release

Iron Man – Starring Robert Downey Jr., Terrence Howard, Jeff Bridges, and more. The first big blockbuster of the summer is upon us in the form of another comic book film, and it’s looking like its going to be a good one. Millionaire Tony Stark has the entire world at his fingertips until he is kidnapped by terrorists and forced to build a master weapon for them. Due to a tragic accident, he ends up building an armored suit that lets him live and sets him free. A few bad guys taken out later and Stark realizes the power that can come from his new creation. He has become someone different. He has become…Iron Man.

Made Of Honor – Starring Patrick Dempsey, Michelle Monaghan, Kadeem Hardison, and more. Tom is a man who is best friends with Hannah. They do everything together and are inseparable. That is until the day Hannah gets engaged and Tom realizes he is in love with her. What can he do though when she asks him to be her maid of honor?

Limited Release

Fugitive Pieces – A child escapes from Poland during World War II and first heads to Greece before coming of age in Canada.

Mister Lonely – In Paris, a young American who works as a Michael Jackson lookalike meets Marilyn Monroe, who invites him to her commune in Scotland, where she lives with Charlie Chaplin and her daughter, Shirley Temple.

Redbelt – Starring Jeffrey Addiss, Tim Allen, and more. A fateful event leads to a job in the film business for top mixed-martial arts instructor Mike Terry. Though he refuses to participate in prize bouts, circumstances conspire to force him to consider entering such a competition.

Son Of Rambow – Two young boys and a video camera put together a story about friendship, faith, and everything that is hard about growing up. God’s will leads them a certain way, but when exposed to Rambo; things get turned around.

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