Baseball Rumors

Rumors from MLB Trade Rumors:

– The Orioles are in no hurry to lock up Nick Markakis or Adam Jones, like most MLB teams are doing with the young players.
– There is a kid in the Dominican that is attracting MLB attention: Michel Inoa.
– The Red Sox will pass on an extension for Jason Varitek if he’s hoping for a Posada like contract.
– Many teams are still interested in Edwin Jackson of the Rays.
– Anthony Reyes is available, but the asking price is high.
– There is speculation that the Giants would have to eat at least $80 mil if they want to move Barry Zito.
– Four teams are working on signing Juan Castro: the Dodgers, Padres. Orioles, and Rockies.
– Braves and Angels scouts have been watching the Cardinals.
– Derrick Turnbow has been DFA.
– Free Agent Stock Watch for Rafael Furcal.

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