Missing Links on HHH Movie Rumor, Hogan’s Reality Show, Top IC Champs, Benoit, SHIMMER Injury & More

Prowrestling.net reports that WWE officials are high on Lance Cade, but that some who’ve worked with him are labeling him a “bland Jeff Jarrett” and hasn’t yet shown charisma. Also, just because Shawn Michaels trained him doesn’t mean it helps, as HBK’s known to be “very honest” with wrestlers he’s trained. Others that trained at HBK’s school at some point that are on WWE’s roster are Brian Kendrick and Paul London.

Also from Prowrestling.net, according to people around the gorilla position, Vince McMahon told Mike Adamle to put down the headset and leave the announcer table last week, then ignored the play-by-play guy backstage. It seems that Mike wasn’t told ahead of time this would happen, but people Jason Powell at the site has spoken to feel Vince planned it ahead of time. This jibes with Iain’s post from earlier today based on the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

There’s another interview with Great Khali at an Indian paper here, where he claims wrestling is real.

Irv Muchnick has a guest column laying out his problems with the Benoit investigation here.

There’s a story listing to top 10 IC Champs at IGN.com.

The first contestant for Hulk Hogan’s celebrity wrestling show has been leaked, with Prowrestling.net reporting that it is Trishelle Cannatella from the Dr. Steve-O show, and that contestants will get $40k for participating.

There’s a story on Edge at a Canada house show here.

Alison Danger is out six weeks with broken collarbone, according to this post on her MySpace blog.

Hollywood.com reports that HHH is being talked about again for a Thor movie.

There’s an article on Ken Kennedy here, where he reveals how he came up with the new last name (it’s originally Anderson).

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