Ring of Honor Weekly

Welcome to the Ring of Honor Weekly, a day early. This edition is especially for New York and Virginia area fans as we have 10 Reasons to make the Hammerstein the place to be on 5/10 with 5 Reasons to make sure to support ROH in Virginia. Along with this we have the News of Honor and be sure to check back tomorrow for my TNA 10 Thoughts, this weekend for all the ROH Results, and Monday for A Modest Response.

News of Honor

Lacey will not be at this Weekend’s shows

This is apparently due to Jimmy Jacobs stalking her. Check www.ageofthefall.com for more.

There is a new ROH Video Wire up at ROHvideos.com

Check there to also see Samoa Joe and Jay Lethal vs. Austin Aries and Roderick Strong for free.

A feud ending Fight without Honor will take place in Philadelphia on 6/7

It’ll be Erick Stevens vs. Roderick Strong in their last ROH singles match. This will be non-title and is sure to be a classic.

10 Reasons to Make Sure You’re at the Hammerstein Ballroom May 10, 2008

1. Be a Part of History – ROH may run the Hammerstein again, but there’s only one debut there. This is a major ECW building that seats a lot of hardcore fans, so notable that WWE ran the first two ECW One Night Stand Pay Per Views at the Hammerstein. Do you have any idea how many people now wish that they were at some of those shows? Or ECW’s first PPV? Don’t be the fan that regrets missing the big shows this era; this will be ROH’s biggest crowd ever. Get to the shows.

2. Marufuji, Morishima, and Go Shiozaki live at the same time – Ring of Honor rarely brings in three outside talents and really, almost never does with three guys of this caliber in three matches of this caliber. Marufuji is a former GHC World and current Tag Champion, is one of the best pure wrestlers in the world. Morishima is the current GHC Champion, and Go Shiozaki is a man who none other than our own Puro expert David Ditch suggests will be the best wrestler in Japan with more time. The future of Pro Wrestling NOAH, all on one card.

3. What’s your style – ROH is putting on an extremely stylistically diverse show, with something for everyone. If you want a stiff war, Stevens vs. Strong vs. Shiozaki is made for you. Do you prefer a hate filled, no DQ brawl? Aries and Jay vs. the Age of the Fall will deliver. If you like spotfests, then the scramble including the Vulture Squad vs. SnS vs. Delirious and Pelle will sate your thirst. If a more traditional tag fare is preferred, Steen and Generico will try and steal the show against Romero and Richards. If a technical, juniors classic is called for, then Danielson vs. Marufuji fits the bill, while for a more heavyweight feel, we have Claudio vs. Nigel in an epic title match. You’re guaranteed to find something you’ll like at this show, if you’re a wrestling fan.

4. The Jimmy Jacobs Saga vs. Aries and Jay Briscoe – Jimmy Jacobs was in love with Lacey and while his love went unrequited, he would stop at nothing to prove how madly he loved his Lacey. When his love was returned, he felt empty and so started Age of the Fall, a group dedicated to spreading a message of anti-establishment hopelessness. To begin, they attacked the Briscoes brutally and they have feuded with Jay and Mark ever since.

Recently, Lacey fell in love with Austin Aries, whom she was trying to recruit for the AOTF. She left the group to be with him and Jimmy felt his old spark rekindle. Then he went mad and badly injured Mark Briscoe. Jay, needing a partner to continue his war, agreed to add Austin Aries to their tag title bout this weekend. This has all the makings of a classic, epic story, which the original Jacobs-Lacey saga certainly was. This kind of angle happens rarely and here a major chapter may be witnessed live.

5. The best possible pure match on American soil? – As far as pure in ring skill right now, there are very few guys at the top of the pile. Of those, in America, Bryan Danielson is at the top of the heap, particularly with Shawn Michaels banged up. Austin Aries has made a run at the top spot, but a longer run of greatness is needed before he can dethrone Danielson, who might just be the best and most consistently amazing wrestler in the world. So, who do you get to face Danielson on maybe you’re biggest show? Naomichi Marufuji, a man who might hold, with Tanahashi out (and not coming to America anyway), the same title in Japan. You cannot match work-rate with storytelling skill better than this and we should have a genuine epic on our hands here.

6. The Indy Dream Match- Morishima vs. Necro Butcher – If you are a fan of the indies, but not necessarily ROH in particular, this is why you come to the show. Necro is a stalwart of the indies who always delivers in his epic dream matches, whether they be against Samoa Joe, Low Ki, or even Roderick Strong. Morishima, the GHC Champion, has a style that could not match up better with the wild brawler. While the victor isn’t in doubt, the spectacle here more than makes up for that.

7. The Night Life – If you aren’t necessarily a huge fan, but are considering the show, this might put it over the top: there are drinks at the show and the show lets out in the heart of Manhattan at about midnight. If you just want a fun Saturday, nothing much goes on before Midnight generally, but a movie. Spend a few extra bucks, try out what is sure to be a great show, have a few drinks with friends, then hit the Big City for the rest of the night. That doesn’t sound great?

8. The Atmosphere is unreal – If you’ve been to ROH elsewhere, then you owe it to yourself to try ROH in NYC. The atmosphere is absolutely intoxicating. I’ve been to shows everywhere on the East Coast and in Chicago and nothing compares to a hot NYC crowd. The debut in the Hammerstein will have an energy level that is completely off the hook and nearly impossible to find at bigger wrestling events. Remember the energy in an arena when Hogan or the Rock came out? Imagine that sustained over the majority of a show.

9. Claudio Castagnoli has a shot at winning the ROH Title – Ring of Honor World Title changes are always rare and special events. Claudio Castagnoli is the last major challenger for Champion Nigel McGuinness who has beaten a litany of who’s who in ROH: Bryan Danielson, Austin Aries (twice), Chris Hero (twice), Roderick Strong, Tyler Black, Erick Stevens, and Go Shiozaki. Of those set up for a win, Claudio is all he has left to face. While I doubt a change is coming here, it has to be soon, and what better way to cap off the biggest show in ROH history?

10. No Bullshit – This will be a straight, long wrestling show, with no frills and no bullshit. If that appeals to you, you have to make this. Go above and look at this card. What doesn’t have a chance to be stellar? We’re looking at what should be one of, if not the, best card in ROH history. This will be fantastic and ROH almost never fails to rise to special occasions. This show should wow you.

5 Reasons to be Sure to Check out ROH in Manassas, VA on 5/9/1008

1. NOAH Stars Besides NYC, this is your one chance to see the stars of NOAH, the only time they’re all booked at once stateside.

2. Two MOTYC Rematches – At Proving Ground, Austin Aries vs. Erick Stevens proved to be a great match-up, with both men combining to steal the show with a **** ¼ effort. At Breakout, Tyler Black took Bryan Danielson to the limit in another **** ¼ match. Both great match-ups will be revisited in Manassas in what are sure to be great matches.

3. More ROH in Virginia – If the turnout is good for this show, you can expect more ROH in your area. If those on the fence no go, there are no guarantees there will be another chance.

4. Great Local Talent – You will have the opportunity to see Sean Denny, a man who defeated Bryan Danielson in the NWA and Rex Sterling on a far bigger stage, but most impressively, Damien Wayne will test his skill against Brent Albright, Nigel McGuinness and Claudio Castagnoli in a 4-way. See how the local guys do on their next step up and support local talent!

5. Two Great Brawls – Jimmy Jacobs and the Age of the Fall have tormented Jay Briscoe. Here Jay will get a shot at Jacobs all alone in what is sure to be a brutal match. They had a very underrated, forgotten match at 2006’s Generation Now, while Necro Butcher will bring is classic brawling skills against the agile and creative Jack Evans in a Final Battle 2007 rematch.