Guerrilla Chikarticles: Remembering Hellertown

I’m going to take a look back at the historical moments that went down during Chikara’s stays in Hellertown’s American Legion Hall, starting with their debut show.

The concentration of Guerrilla Chikarticles has changed from being about all of independent wrestling to just being about Pro Wrestling Guerrilla and Chikara.

The Opening Segment 5.28.2008
Remembering Hellertown’s American Legion Hall

Chikara recently made an announcement stating they will not be able to use Hellertown’s American Legion Hall. Chikara may book shows in Philadelphia that have cards that look amazing, but Chikara’s real quality shows took place inside the Hellertown building. Still known by some as the best Young Lions Cup yet, Chikara’s first event in Hellertown took place on July 23rd 2005 where Night Two of the Three Night Tournament was decided. It’s a bit ironic that their last event in the Hall will be Young Lions Cup Night Three on June 15th. I know we’re all going to miss the feeling of walking into the American Legion Hall, walking up the stairs and seeing the rest of the Chikarmy surround a ring that’s two feet off the ground. As a matter of fact, I’m going to miss that a lot.

But let’s not dwell on what will not be of Chikara’s existence in Hellertown. Let’s take a look back at what Chikara accomplished inside the doors of the American Legion Hall…

The Debut… (Young Lions Cup III Night Two on 7.23.2005)
Chikara’s fanbase found a new home this night as nine jam-packed matches were put on display in front of the loyal Chikarmy. Shane Storm would outlast Claudio Castagnoli, KUDO, Niles Young, Crossbones and Equinox in YLC III semi-finals action to advance to Night Three. He would go on to face, and defeat, Icarus. Also on the card were Chris Hero, Claudio Castagnoli, Arik Cannon (then known as the Kings of Wrestling), Gran Akuma, Mike Quackenbush, Jigsaw, and Lance Steel, as well as a number of others.

There Can Only Be One: Lance Steel vs. Lance Steel (The Return of the Son of the International Invasion of the International Invaders… First Stage on 8.19.2006)
Speaking of Lance Steel, there’s a funny little story about him. At Negative Balance, Lance Steel was scheduled in a tag team match against Blind Rage and Ultramantis Black of “The Dark Breed”. Lance Steel’s partner, his name slips my mind at the moment, couldn’t show up to the show and Lance Steel was out a partner. Lance Steel grabbed the microphone and asked the crowd “What better man to suit Lance Steel… than Lance Steel!”. Out came Lance Steel! Apparently, Lance Steel went into his time machine to find a younger and more agile version of himself (Younger Lance Steel). After a year of teaming and whatnot, these two slowly became bitter enemies. Older Lance Steel hated Younger Lance Steel and needed to get rid of him.

Now that the whacky, yet awesome, explanation is over, I can finally get to the night of August 18th 2006 where Older Lance Steel fought Younger Lance Steel in a match that would send the loser to the past. It was an epic battle where one wrong move could make our world explode. In the end, it came down to a battle of the Boston Crab, the Older Lance Steel’s move of perfection. Older Lance Steel has had more time to perfect the Boston Crab and knew it was more than a simple move… he studied the move. He studied every possible escape and all the variations of the Crab. Younger Lance Steel didn’t know any better and just thought it was some dumb move. It didn’t come to anyone’s surprise when Older Lance Steel made Younger Lance Steel tap out to the Boston Crab to secure his spot in the present.

Necro Butcher as a Chipmunk and Joker as a Bunny (TWGP 2006 Night One on 2.24.2006)
The match was set, Team World Wildlife Fund (Team WWF) would take on Anthony Franco and Matt Turner in the first round of the Tag World Grand Prix Tournament. Consisting of Team WWF would be CP Munk, a big chipmunk mascot outfit with the attire of CM Punk, and Colt Cabunny, a big mascot outfit of a bunny with the attire of Colt Cabana. Short after the bell rang CP Munk unmasked as Necro Butcher and Joker as Colt Cabunny. Of course they beat Anthony Franco and Matt Turner.

Chuck Taylor Reigns Supreme (Young Lions Cup V Night Three on 6.24.2007)
What started as a twenty-four person tournament whittled down to only two: Chuck Taylor and Ricochet. Taylor and Ricochet would go on to do Chikara and the Young Lions Cup justice by putting on a stellar performance. As a matter of fact, in my interview with Chuck Taylor he noted this as one of his favorite matches. Taylor won the match after giving Ricochet his Omega Driver.

Ricochet No More… (Here Come the International Invaders… 2nd Stage on 8.18.2007)
After losing to Chuck Taylor in the Young Lions Cup Finals, Ricochet made winning that trophy his mission in Chikara. Failed attempt after failed attempt, Ricochet still didn’t have the Cup in his possession. With one last effort left, Ricochet asked Leonard F. Chikarason for one more chance to get the Cup. Chikarason agreed, but with the stipulation that if Ricochet lost this match he could never show his face in Chikara again. Ricochet had Taylor right where he wanted him, and Taylor saw the end was near for his reign. So while the referee’s back was turned Taylor low-blowed Ricochet and got the three count. Ricochet hasn’t wrestled in Chikara since that night.

The Crushing Weight of Mainstream Ignorance (on 7.22.2006)
Held in highest esteem’s of the Chikarmy, The Crushing Weight of Mainstream Ignorance is one of Chikara’s most solid shows from top to bottom. It may not up to date with most storylines, but at the time it was untouchable in terms of show quality. One feud climaxed when Eddie Kingston took the ICW-ICWA Tex-Arkana Television Title away from Larry Sweeney while another came to an end when Jigsaw beat Icarus in a Hair vs. Mask match. (Also on the show: Chris Hero vs. Shane Storm, Mike Quackenbush vs. Gran Akuma, Castagnoli vs. Equinox and a Young Lions Cup Defense)

Chris Hero vs. Mike Quackenbush: 2007 MOTYC (Anniversario on 5.26.2007)
Mike Quackenbush spent a lot of his prime sculpting and molding kids into stars, and Chris Hero was one of them. In various wrestling promotions, they were simply known as Chris Hero and Mike Quackenbush. But when you stepped into the world of Chikara, they were known as a team called “The Superfriends”! All was good in the land of Chikara as long as the SuperFriends were together. Whenever there’d be evil, The SuperFriends were right there to fight it.

On one gloomy night, The SuperFriends lost to the Kings of Wrestling (Claudio Castagnoli and Arik Cannon). Hero, fed up with Quackenbush, went turncoat and joined forces with the Kings of Wrestling. Since that night, Quackenbush had his sights set on taking out the Kings of Wrestling while Hero had his target set on eliminating Quackenbush. On May 26, 2007 both men got what they were waiting for when they went face to face. This match, which was two years in the making, went without a hitch and it was the masterpiece everyone knew it would be.

Equinox: A Bruise on Lucha Libre (The Sordid Perils of Everyday Existence on 11.17.2007)
The downfall of Lucha Libre Wrestler Equinox all started in Reading, Pennsylvania when he made Hero submit to the Chikara Special. When you piss Hero off, you better be sure to put up your best until you know you get rid of him, because he will hunt you down. And that is exactly what Hero did.

At Cibernetico and Robin, Hero and Equinox met during the Cibernetico Match. Unfortunately for Equinox, Hero was his first opponent. Having the image of tapping out to Equinox’s Chikara Special was embedded in Hero’s mind, and he wasn’t going to let Equinox leave the ring without making him hurt. Hero eliminated Equinox after thunderous powerbomb. A couple months later, Castagnoli and Equinox went up against Hero and Hawke. In a hard fought match, Equinox pulled off the win after rolling up Hero. Surrounded in a cloud of rage, Hero went after the mask of Equinox was about to tear it off. Instead, he challenged Equinox to a Hair vs. Mask match the following night at The Sordid Perils of Everyday Existence.

Hero and Equinox went at it like mad men. Hero wanted to redeem his two losses to Equinox, while Equinox was busy trying to prove to us fans that his two wins over Hero weren’t flukes. He was about to prove himself right when he once again slapped on the Chikara Special. With the hold clinched in, Hero would surely go home bald as a cue-ball. Not so fast my friends, Hero did his homework. He reversed the Chikara Special into a hold of his own, forcing Equinox to submit.

When he took his mask off to reveal himself as a gringo (white man), the American Legion Hall audience went into a hush. Equinox, after all this time, was a liar. He wasn’t a Spanish wrestler, he had no right to wrestle with Team Mexico at Cibernetico 2007. He was a disgrace to Lucha Libre. It didn’t take long for the Chikara Locker Room to empty and have all the masked Lucha libres escort him out of the building. Equinox is dead.

Chikara Video of the Week
Eddie Kingston Fills His Voids

Ever since his loss against Hallowicked at Chapter 11, Kingston has been on a rampage of violence. In every single match he’s been in, whether it is singles or trios, he has dished out an immense amount of disrespect and pain. In his most recent match with Shane Storm, it is reported that Kingston just lost control of himself and beat Storm to a bloody pulp. Finally, we get an explanation for all of this violence.

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla Video of the Week
Scared Straight Preview

Check out a trailer for Scared Straight that’ll make you want to buy it.

PWG’s It’s It (What Is It) on June 8th in Reseda, California
1. Jack Evans and Roderick Strong © vs. Chris Hero and Necro Butcher (PWG Tag Title Match)
2. Austin Aries vs. El Generico
3. Brandon Bonham vs. Davey Richards
4. Scott Lost and Joey Ryan vs. Zokre and Phoenix Star
5. Hook Bomberry vs. Scorpio Sky
Plus, more matches!

Chikara’s Young Lions Cup VI Nights 1,2 and 3 on June 13/14/15 in Hellertown, Pennsylvania
Young Lions Cup Participants: Create A Wrestler, James Ross, Lince Dorado, Chip Day, Amasis, Pelle Primeau, Pinkie Sanchez, Vin “Don’t Call Him Equinox” Gerard, Ophidian, Sami Callihan, Tim Donst, “Sugarfoot” Alex Payne, Jimmy Olsen, Steve “Turtle” Weiner, Worker Ant, Bobby Dempsey, Marshe Rockett, Jason Blade and Ethan Page. Five more participants will be announced soon.

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