Ultimate Marvel Handbook #238

Hey all and welcome to yet another edition of the Marvel Handbook. My name is Jim Trabold and of course with the holiday having past as of this article posted I wish you all a happy belated Fourth of July. A good week of emails and questions. More would not hurt. But let’s get this going. My partner and bud of course Daron should be here. Hey Daron ready to go?

If I said no, would it matter?

I‘m always ready to go. In fact let‘s get going. I had a good holiday myself so I‘m fresh and ready for what the readers throw at us. Let‘s start.

Yeah…I don’t know why I even bother…

Jag emails

Hi Jim,

Got some questions for you.

Great. This should be fun

1) Have you ever come across a story arc involving a character you were kind of “meh” on but then came out of the story really digging them? My character would have to be Hawkeye who I never thought was that interesting until I recently read an old Avengers story where he takes on Deathbird and ends up not only winning the battle but totally pissing her off. Great story.

hmmmm. You know I‘ve had that a lot more recently in Avengers Initiative. With characters like Slapstick, Rage, Justice, Ultra Girl and a few others. I‘ve not been a great fan of many of them till the pages of Initiative. Slott is making me care about these characters.

I’m pretty sure that’s happened for me, kind of like what Jim alluded to, meaning certain writers have the ability to make any character interesting. The only example coming to me at the moment is James Robinson’s run on JSA. I didn’t get 2 $h!ts about half those characters until I read his take on them. I’m sure there are others, and even some Marvel ones, I just can’t think of any at the moment…

2) I just finished catching up on my X-Men storylines and was very impressed by the recent treatment of Cyclops as FINALLY he is realizing his full potential as X-Boss. His scenes with Prof. X were fantastic and it begs the question as to why Marvel didnt do this sooner? Let’s be realistic here: Professor X as a character has long passed his usefulness and Cyclops being the capable heir to the complete leadership of the X-Men has been something they’ve been dangling for years (decades?). After a crappy year of Marvel screwing characters like Spider-Man up and Secret Invasion being kind of dull to me thus far, the X-books give me hope for the future. How about you?

Well I have actually enjoyed Secret Invasion but this isn‘t about that. This is about Cyclops. Who I think is getting more a back bone because the wonderful writing of Ed Brubaker. He‘s given Cyclops what every fan has wanted. A Cyclops that has a backbone and one that fans can actually enjoy.

3) What do you think of Archangel’s return? He’s one of my favourite Marvel characters and I’m STOKED about his return.

I‘m glad to see Archangel and not in many ways. Now it‘s going to be a lot on the writing and how they handle him of course but Archangel of course is like Angel with a touch of Wolverine in him. The metal and darkness to him. The writers may just be able to do him right. So I‘m happy if done right.

Well seeing as Warren is my favorite Marvel character I’m ecstatic that he’s getting any treatment at all, and as long as it’s handled well I welcome AA back. I don’t think the writers knew what to do with him as just a guy with wings…

Keep up the the good work,

We will.

Nightvision asked

Hey MM, Three questions today

1) Will you still be reading Amazing Spider-man?

Ended badly and wrongly.

1. Harry should stay dead

2. Aunt May needs to die

3. Keep MJ and Pete together

4. Why is it now no one knows who he is? Daredevil knew quite some time. So did Wolverine. It makes no sense

So very unhappy but willing to keep reading as they explain this more.

2) What do you think of the its magic we dont have to explain it quote

Mephisto is pure magic. He can do things like alter times lines. But they still need to explain a lot about it.

3) How many affects do you think Secret Invasion will have on the MU

Quite a lot. I think many characters still will turn out to be Skrulls. When or if many come out of it or come back is a question. There‘s so much that can and likely will change because the Invasion

Caribs asked

Since they make you read everything MM, aside from GL what other DC titles do you like? Indies too…

In a way I’m not forced to read everything. I am the Marvel guy after all. It’s my job to stay in touch with Marvel. Not Dc and Indies. I like reading the books.

But I do read DC: only Green Lantern and GL Corps though.

only indie titles I really read are the Star Wars line.

Of course I can try stuff out though. Since I don’t have to buy it to read it. God I love working in a comic shop. Lol

Aftersmash synopsis

Hulk # 4: Red Hulk smashes the Watcher before Green Hulk fights him. Iron Man talks to SHIELD as Samson is revealed to possibly be Red hulk. Red hulk defeats Green Hulk but only before Thor arrives.

Secret Invasion Synopsis

Avengers Initiative #14: We see Pym save that plane and how in his Skrull form. We learn Pym is behind Skrull in each team in each state. We see how Pym survived against KIA, Pym and Crusader see each others meals. 3-D Man meets the original 3-D Man gaining his glasses. 3-D Man meets Hawii team of Star Sign, Paydirt, Devil Slayer, and Magnitude. Magnitude is a Skrull and fights the group. Crusader thinks of giving himself in. 3-D Man returns to Camp Hammond only to find Skrulls

Mighty Avengers #15: Pym teaches a class and finds a student interested in the Avengers. Wasp leaves him after an argument. Pym starts seeing the girl and learns she is a Skrull who attacks him. She then sees Wasp making her leave. She later replaces Pym and during the Ultron affair helps the Avengers and learns about Stark’s armor. He later gives Wasp growing powers.

Ms Marvel #28: Skrulls attack New york as Ms Marvel fights them willing to do whatever it takes to stop them (even kill)

New Avengers #42: Fury sends Spider-Woman to regain her powers. Jess goes to HYDRA only to have the Skrulls capture her and give the Queen her powers and memory. Skrulls meet over getting Jessica into SHIELD. We see the Skrulls are behind the Breakout and formation of New Avengers. Spider-Woman meets with Pym and Madame Hydra. Spider-Woman joins the New Avengers as they talk about Wanda. Hill meets with Spider-Woman not trusting her. The Avengers go after Wanda only for HOM to happen.

Secret Invasion Runaways/Young Avengers #1: The Queen wants Hulkling killed. The Runaways are in New York as the Skrulls invase. Xavin attacks the others. The Young Avengers fight the Skrulls as well. Skrulls capture the Runaways. Xavin tries to help her friends. Young Avengers are joined by the Initative. Xavin helps Hulkling as he is attacked.

She-Hulk #30: She-Hulk is let out to fight a giant Murphy. Hercules is already in battle. Jazinda replaces Ms Murphy. Herc and She-Hulk team up to fight the giant .Jaz finds the real Murphy. Herc and She-Hulk take down the giant. She-Hulk later sleeps with Hercules.

Secret Invasion Frontline #1: Ben meets and talks with a man named John Bryant as they talk of the first day of the Invasion. He talks of seeing Spidey fight Menace. Ben heads to the hospital. The Avengers head out for the Savage Land. A daughter goes to see her father at Stark Tower. We see people go to Avengers Museum as everything is shut down as the Skrulls attack. We see reactions of normal people as they try to deal with it.

Divided We Stand

Uncanny X-Men #499: Emma and Cyclops fight the controlled X-Men. Wolverine, Colossus, and Nightcrawler fight Omega Red and defeat him. The goddess loses power as she is revealed as Mastermind. Cyclops reunites the X-Men. Mastermind joins a sisterhood

X-Men Legacy # 213: Sinister sees himself as a child talking with Sinister. Gambit fights the assassins getting help from Shaw. Sinister takes over Xavier’s mind and has the assassins take Xavier to the boss. Shaw reveals how Sinister is connected to Xavier and the others threw Cronus. We learn Dr. Mueller is behind the assassins. She has Xavier shot as she wants to be the new Sinister. Sinister gives Xavier a choice. Shaw and Gambit destroy the Cronus and go to free Xavier only to find Sinister instead.

Cable #5: Cable finds Cerebra and destroys it. Bishop finds Cable and cops chase Bishop. Sophie says goodbye to Cable. Bishop takes out a few cops and takes command. . Cable finds the Blackbird and goes after Bishop. Bishop and Cable fight with Sophie getting involved. Cable gets away before Bishop shoots him. Sophie takes out the people running the city. Cable goes 85 years into the future with the baby and finds out he can only go further in the future.

Initiative synopsis

Thunderbolts #121: Samson fights Moonstone with Penance help. Songbird and Goblin fight. Bullseye takes out the telepaths. Samson leaves. Osborn and Songbird talk.

Patsy Walker Hellcat #1: Hellcat tries on a dress as Tony contacts her about getting a state in the Initiative. She finds out it’s Alaska. She lands in Alaska looking for people. After finding them she is taken out and fights Polar Bears. After defeating them a serpent prepares to eat her.

Brand New Day synopsis

Amazing Spider-Man #564: Spidey goes after Overdrive as Pete’s roomate the cop tries to go after Spidey. Spidey and Overdrive get away though. Overdrive reports to Mr Negative. Carlie runs into Pete’s roomate. Bennett runs more ant-Spider-Man reports in the DB.

Manifest Destiny synopsis

Astonishing X-Men #25: Beast and Armor talk over a new code name for her. Emma and Cyclops wake up taking Cyc’s new vehicle. Storm and Wolverine meet up with everyone as the SFPD call them. Once the team goes to the SFPD they find a burning man who was given powers he can’t control. The team learn of where it happened and head off to Chaparanga

That‘s it for this week. Light week really so we‘ll need a lot more emails to help out next issue of course. Especially since I‘ve now used up my reserves. I know our readers will not let us down. So Daron what you think?

Same as always, Mr. Jim. I would like to see a few more emails though. I’m sure some people out there have some questions they’ve been saving up. Let us have it!

I‘m all for anything they send us myself. I know this could be interesting if I have to throw something in of course too but I rather just keep this in our readers hands of course. So send those emails. Sign off time.

1. Digital comics Comics you can read online

2. Marvel is in the process of adding new bios and added a ton of new ones. Check them out here

3. Next issue is our Skrull issue. We have tons of information and reveals so far. So if you have any questions on Skrulls or opinions on Secret Invasion send them this way

That’s it from here. As always reporting from my corner of the Marvel Universe I’m Jim Trabold. Make Mine Marvel.

And make mine later…I’m gonna take a nap!

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