Marvel Taking Notice of Alternative Platforms

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The Marvel empire began back in 1939 when Martin Goodman founded Timely Comics, which became Atlas Comics before the Marvel name took hold in 1961, which was the same year that the Fantastic Four was created.

Back in the early days, the brand had very little to think about when it came to reaching audiences and making profits. The company was solely interested in print media. But over the years, there has been a need to find new angles and niches to penetrate younger audiences and maximize revenue. In this post, we take a look at the ways that Marvel has turned heads away from the comic books industry over the years.

Whatever happened to Marvel slot machines?

One of Marvel’s most innovative moves away from comic book revenue was to dive into the online gambling industry. They allowed game development studios to create comic-themed online slots using popular characters and narratives; and received lucrative payment in return.

Creating slot games using superhero characters is a smart move by online casinos. This is because these characters already have a colossal following and a ready-made market for people to try these new slot games. It’s the same reason why online slots made with a music theme are so popular. You can still play Marvel slot games at the best online UK casinos.

Hitting the big screen with Marvel Studios

One of the easiest ways for the brand to transfer their product – i.e., their characters and narratives p from the pages of a product book is to make series and films about them. This is exactly what they have been doing for many decades, creating a wealth of top-rated movies that appease the fans.

Making these narratives available in a film format is a clever way of tapping into new markets. This is very much the case with younger people who may not be interested in reading new Marvel comic books or simply film buffs who would never consider reading about superheroes. But will be prepared to sit through an action-packed film with a big budget.

Control the Universe with video gaming

Just how slot games have been allowed to be made in their and their characters’ names, they have also allowed the development of video games. There is a wide variety of Marvel games available across video console devices and even app-based games. The video games are suitable for all age groups, which enables the group to capture even more of the video gaming market.

The company is growing their presence within the video gaming world after announcing a new partnership with Chiefs Esports Club in New Zealand and Australia last year. As a result, many of the Marvel characters will be featured within the club, just how another club – Team Liquid – agreed on a deal with Marvel and created eSports merchandise in the form of Spiderman.