10 Thoughts on ECW – 07.15.2008

First of all, here are the quick n’ dirty results from tonight’s show.

Mike Knox over Shannon Moore via the KnoxOut
Even Bourne over Chavo via the Shooting Star Press
The Hardys over The Miz & John Morrison via J. Hardy Swanton Bomb

So I’m subbing for Jonathan Kirschner this week because he asked for a volunteer and I took the opportunity.  Most of you know me from the real-time RAW Report and the ever-so-catchy Marshall Report.  Let’s see what I can come up with this week on 10 Thoughts.

1. Not only is Mark Henry the World’s Strongest Man, but he’s the World’s Strongest Champion.  I used to not like Mark Henry, but I feel that with Tony Atlas being his mouthpiece, Mark Henry has become more tolerable.  Just continue to let Tony Atlas do the talking and everything will be just fine.

2. This is not 1998, but Tommy Dreamer being on Pay-Per-View fighting for a World Title?  I can buy that, but too bad that the WWE has little faith in Tommy Dreamer in being a world champion.  I’m glad that he has this chance, hopefully the match will be good.

3. Mark Henry has proven that he can twist Teflon and nearly crush the human body.  Tommy Dreamer has proven that he can use said Teflon as a weapon to achieve the same affect.  That’s EXTREME!

4. That beard of Mike Knox…words cannot describe it.  At least Shannon Moore got some offense in the match tonight, but everyone knew he was going to lose.

5. Evan Bourne rocks, period.  He took it straight to Chavo Guerrero and nailed a beautiful standing moonsault.  He also endured Chavo’s offense and beat him with the ever-so-awesome Shooting Star Press.  He was awesome in ROH and he’s continuing to be a bigger star in the WWE.

6. The Hardy Boys continue to be awesome and I’m perfectly fine if they have the occasional tag team match.  They busted out a couple new (to me) double team moves that synched in with the excellent match.

7. You heard it here first.  Look for The Miz & John Morrison in the running for Tag Team of the Year.  They’ve started out as opposites and now they are functioning as if they were teaming for five years.

8. The main event was awesome!  I’d even come close in nominating it for a potential “Free TV” MOTYC.  They didn’t chop the match with too many commercials and the action continued long after the first break ended.  A very good match!

9. Mike Adamle was in the zone tonight.  It seems that he’s gotten more comfortable with his job and he did better tonight than he has ever.  Continue to improve!

10. One minor complaint here, but where was the new talent from the “Superstar Initative”?  Over the last two weeks, we had Braden Walker and Ricky Ortiz.  Neither of them were on the program this week and we had no continuation of the superstar initative.  I can forgive them with the awesome main event this week, but next week, there needs to be continuity. 

That’s all for this week’s 10 Thoughts on ECW.  Jonathan will be back next week.  Catch y’all next Monday for the fallout of the Great American Bash!

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