Six (more) Thoughts on ECW – 07.29.2008

So Adamle’s gone from ECW to be the GM on Raw… which I’ll say is honestly one of the odder decisions I’ve heard in a while. I mean, he was certainly going to be a disappointment to anyone who thought the new guy was going to be Regal, Shane O, or Ric Flair. I don’t know… the few backstage segments Adamle has been in were funny so I guess we should give him a chance before judging.

1) Todd Grisham. I argued strenuously against this with my friend Mike two months ago. He said we should give Grisham or the Tough Enough kid a look for commentary. I said there was no way they were going to do that with Adamle on the roster. Then again, had he made the argument that it was ECW’s job to prep new play-by-play guys for JR’s inevitable retirement, I would have been hard pressed to disagree.

2) Matt Hardy vs. Mark Henry for a World Title is some weird, bizzarro world main event. I realize that’s the job of this show, but it does give you momentary pause when you’re seeing two guys they’ve spent, literally, years burying suddenly shooting it out for a championship. Again, I guess that’s the role of this show.

3) Speaking of Matt… what happened to his microphone skills? Maybe he took a momentary pause from being in a world title mix on any show. “You’re never going to break mah spirit, Mark Henry.” Really? That’s something that should be coming out of Colin Delaney’s mouth, not Hardy’s.

4) I’m surprised that ECW is going to any length to protect Chavo from getting beaten by New Carlito. I guess the whole thing was to create a tag match between the two new guys and Bam/Chavo. Why are they stacking new guys in tag matches instead of pushing them as singles. I don’t understand.

5) I’m officially over Miz/Morrison vs. Hornswoggle/Finlay matches. If they have nothing left to feud over, let’s move on. I will point out again: this is the problem with not having a B-belt on your show or any particularly talented bookers. There a whole lot of guys each week in pointless “exhibition” matches with feuds that don’t go anywhere. See also: point 4.

6) As I say this: Mike Knox decides he hates Finlay and Hornswoggle and my entire previous point is rendered moot. Well done, ECW. Finlay’s a good guy to have on this roster. He’s a good wrestler that can mask the short-comings of the new guys and teach them how to be better.

7) And thus Colin Delaney’s run as a misinformed heel ends with a gorilla press to the floor by Mark Henry. That was one of the more pointless turns/story arcs I’ve ever seen.

It’s really hard to come up with a solid 10 Thoughts on an hour long show, so I’ll end it with six. One of the better episodes of ECW in a while.

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