Leave Your Spandex At the Door #129


This is Leave Your Spandex @t the Door number 129, never on time, always guilty, never on time.

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Wolverine Movie Trailer
Madman Summer Fun
Sandman 20th Anniversary Poster
Superman, M.D.
Galactus: a League of His Own
Greek Lover
• Marvel Mummies
• Oh Captain, My Captain
Buffy the Animated Series Trailer

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This week in comics…

Vote for Panel of the Week

Our Greek Lover ruled the voting with 48% last week, so we’re doing a special-length piece on Herc’s expoits with a video-clip further down in the column!

This week, an array of fun panels, some more ludicrous than others:

Panel A

Literally, the Restaurant at the End of the Universe (Marvel Adventures Avengers #26)

Panel B

…There isn’t. (Manhunter #32)

Panel C

Ba-da-bing (Batman & The Outsiders #9)

Panel D

Some classics never go out of style (Ghost Rider #22)

Panel E

…that about sums it up (Marvel Adventures: Hulk #13)

Wolverine Movie Trailer

Thanks to the boys from Comic-Con for spreading the love!

This could actually turn into a decent movie, as I see they decided to stay away from spandex OR leather uniforms. The trailer features:



Emma Frost?


He’s been saying it for years, but we never really listened.

Beat by beat, Spider-Man’s fight against a C-list villain on a school bus in the latest Amazing Spider-Man (written by Mark Guggenheim):

The armed villain Overdrive (with the power to super-‘pimp’ rides) has boarded the bus full of innocent school kids after Spidey thwarted his escape.

Spider-Man approaches with caution — by kicking through the bus’ rear window:
Glass shards are obviously flying in all directions – but Spidey is apparently too focused on the villain to care about the kids’ safety. The baddie eventually kicks him out of the bus and continues his escape.

Spidey has learned a valuable lesson, so he re-approaches the bus – this time punching through the front window – just in case he didn’t cut all the kids on the first go.

So he punches in, shards flying everywhere again, wrestles the sonic boom gun from the villain, and turns it towards the kids, shooting to make EVERY window in the bus explode on the kids – who are probably too busy having their eardrums burst or the bodies crushed from the boom to care at this point.

For the grand finish, yes, he does indeed get the kids to jump out of the moving bus, onto a hastily thrown web-bag skidding on the asphalt; finally, he throws the sack-o’-kids out of the moving vehicle so he can focus on his escaping baddie…


Source: Amazing Spider-Man #564 (Marvel Comics)

“We’re sorry Spidey, you’ll need to follow us to the station”

Madman Summer Fun

My latest geek-cred comics-related order:

Make the most out of those warm summer days this year with the Madman Summer Fun Playset. Features the huge ( almost 3′ x 6′) heavyweight Madman Beachtowel together with two different sets of Madman Magnets. Be the coolest dude out on the beach this year with Madman at your side.

I don’t really intend to take this to the beach (mainly because of the lack of beaches – or summer- in the UK), but this will make an amazing full-wall poster/decoration on my wall. Plus, MAGNETS, you can never go wrong!

Sandman 20th Anniversary Poster

My retailer Haroon from Travelling Man Manchester surprised me pleasantly today by giving me this amazing just-released poster, when he saw I ordered the new Death II T-shirt. (thanks Haroon, LOVE you 🙂 )

The poster is an enormous fold-out jam session featuring most every major character from the Sandman mythos, with art by almost every artist who has contributed in the historic series. The image I’ve posted (courtesy of New York Entertainment) has a cheat-sheet attached, but it’s fun to play ‘spot the artist with your geek friends; all of these modern masters have utterly distinct styles – like my favourite artist Mike Allred who started his career on the title, and beloved artists like Jill Thompson, Bucky, Peter Gross, D’Israeli, Bryan Talbot, Kevin Nowlan, Marc Hempel, Shawn McManus, Teddy Kristiansen, Sam Kieth, Dean Ormston, P. Craig Russel, Charles Vess (boy, I never realised how Sandman ultimately shaped my taste in comic book art) -, making for a fun challenge.

I’m in the mood for cracking open the Absolute Sandman volumes and having a bit of a reminisce…

Superman, M.D.

The Man of Steel will stop at nothing to save a life in danger – –

— even if that life is of a young terminal cancer patient who is hospitalized under medical supervision…

YES, even then, Superman won’t hesitate to swoop in the hospital ward, push the actual trained doctors and medical staff aside…

…get his magic healing (unsterilized) hands on the patient, shout orders to the doctors about the correct treatment…

…take over using the electric shock-pads for resuscitation and performing C.P.R. …

…and in the tragic case of the boy not making it, Superman is also hero enough to update and console the grieving parents himself, before flying away (probably to deliver a baby in the maternity ward)…

That’s the stuff of heroes!

Source: Supergirl #31 (DC Comics)

Galactus: a League of His Own


(Jeff Parker / Ig Guara / Sandro Ribeiro)

Jeff Parker’s return to this book has launched it out of the ‘amusing, funny, light-hearted kids’ book’ niche, and into an exciting, no holds barred irreverent and often ridiculously hilarious direction; the only books I could really compare this to are Ellis’ Nextwave and the original Giffen JLI/JLE.

The Avengers encounter a mouthy, annoying alien race (gotta love the Avengers’ alien translator, from way back to last year’s Ego the Loving Planet story) who require their help to protect their planet against Galactus.

Parker uses a far-fetched continuity plot-device to basically f**k reality up and give us a series of increasingly ludicrous and LMAO situations:

the Avengers challenge Galactus to a chess match (with the Avengers as the pieces – duh – and the most imaginative way of making Captain America a Queen),



and finally invite him to a cosmic diner with planets on the menu and the Silver Surfer busing the tables!

Absolutely the most enjoyable, value-for-your-buck, kitsch, quotable book of the week/month/year, which doesn’t take itself too seriously and unapologetically takes advantage of every last bit of absurdity the super-hero medium affords it!

Too fun to be legal! Tell your friends!


Greek Lover

Are you ready for trashy Greek Hip-Hop?

(the Greek band Imiskoumpria, poking fun at the stereotypical summer island ‘Greek Lover’ predators)

Inspired by Hercules’ (the Marvel superhero version of the Greek God ) recent string of… conquests.

First, a cameo (that’s comics speak for one-night stand) in She-Hulk #30…

…credited as taking place between Incredible Hercules #115 and 116.

The timing is of course amusing, since only 2 issues later, in Incredible Hercules #118-119 (is that like a week Marvel-time?), the Greek Lover strikes again:

The Universe is Out for a Beating


Release date: February 4, 2009

Give your props to Bryan Lee!

Oh, Captain, My Captain

Leave it to Paul Cornell to make us believe the return of Captain Britain is something we should give a toss about:

Source: Captain Britain & the MI-13 #3 (Marvel Comics)

Are You My Mummy?

A showcase of ‘Marvel Mummies’ from Peter David’s Marvel Adventures: Hulk!

Background info? Who needs an explanation, Enjoy!

Source: Marvel Adventures: Hulk #13 (Marvel comics)

Buffy The Animated Series

Found today (thanks again to Tom Huxley): short pilot/teaser for the aborted Buffy The Vampire Slayer: The Animated Series

That’s a wrap for today! I’m waiting your comments and feedback through email to Manolis@gmail.com or through the site’s comments feature

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Manolis Vamvounis

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