Pulse Wrestling’s Real-Time Smackdown Report 09/19/2008

Last week, Jeff Hardy became No. 1 Contender for the Heavyweight Championship by defeating Montel Vontavious Porter, “The Gold Standard” Shelton Benjamin and “The” Brian Kendrick in a fatal four way. Is Vladimir Kozlov gunning for Jeff Hardy? And will GM Vickie Guerrero get an apology from The Undertaker now that Big Show has her back…

Welcome to Pulse Wrestling’s Smackdown live review! Mark Neeley was kind enough to take over the Smackdown live report last week as this reporter was watching tornado weather on the local radar. Thank you Mr. Neeley for helping out.


Replay from last week: Triple H pimps WWE’s last pay per view, Unforgiven, and the fact that HHH is the only one who walked out of that event still a champion. We then see a replay of the fatal four way which Hardy wins by pinning “The” Brian Kendrick. Vladimir Kozlov appears after the match to take out Hardy because no one will give Kozlov a challenge. Like we didn’t know that already.

Smackdown is brought to us from Nashville, TN. Ringside announcers are Jim “J.R.” Ross and Tazz.

Jeff Hardy will face “The” Brian Kendrick tonight. Triple H will face Montel Vontavious Porter.

Diva’s Championship Match

Michelle McCool
Diva Champion

I hate to complain but Raw had such a great opening match this week. We couldn’t get the same thing on Smackdown? The bell rings the girls lock up with McCool taking Maryse down to the mat. Maryse applies a side headlock and takes down McCool, McCool tries for a roll up, Maryse kicks out. Maryse comes off the ropes and takes McCool down with a shoulder block then takes her down again by pulling the hair. McCool delivers a short drop kick and Maryse rolls out of the ring. Maryse sweeps McCool’s legs on the ring apron and then delivers a kick to the head. And if Maryse would stop showing off, she might be able to win the match…Maryse finally goes for a cover but McCool kicks out. Maryse throws some of the worst attempts at punches I have ever seen. McCool goes for a roll up but Maryse kicks out. Maryse applies a chin lock but McCool makes it back to her feet. McCool butts her way out (I’m not kidding) of the hold. McCool drops Maryse with a drop kick and a running neck breaker, then goes for the pin but Maryse kicks out. Maryse delivers an elbow shot. McCool delivers a something or other, goes for the cover and gets the three count.

Winner and still Diva’s Champion: Michelle McCool, match time 6 minutes.

I’m still complaining about the opening match tonight. It wasn’t anything to get overly excited about. If I was Maryse, I’d be grateful I didn’t have to carry around that pathetic excuse for a championship belt.

General Manager Vickie Guerrero is backstage with Big Show. Eve Torres enters the office and wants to know if Vickie thinks Undertaker is in the building tonight but Big Show offers us all a repeat of him taking out Undertaker last week and we go to commercial break.

Back from commercial break, we get a shot of the inside of Tootsie’s Bar in Nashville.

Festus weighing 291 lbs.
With Jesse
Ryan Braddock weighing 262 lbs.

Before Festus’ opponent is introduced, we see what happened to Kenny Dykstra last week at the hands of Jesse and Festus. When the referee calls for the bell, Festus does what Festus does but he misses a charge into the corner and Braddock drops him with a drop kick. I’m not sure why Festus and Jesse have taken to wearing moving men outfits versus wrestling gear. Festus comes back with fists and drops Braddock several times with hard right hands. Braddock trips up Festus and has Festus down on the mat with Jesse providing support from outside the ring. Festus gets to his feet and takes Braddock down and then delivers a boot to the face. Festus comes off the ropes to deliver a squash, picks Braddock up and slams him fast first to the mat. Jesse tosses a roll of packing tape into Festus then climbs into the ring with bubble wrap and the ref calls for the bell.

Winner: I guess it was Ryan Braddock via disqualification, total match time 4 minutes.

I can’t believe it but this match was worse than the first one. We go to commercial break and none too soon.

Sending a special hello to Canadian pal Ray Malice. He promised he would check out Pulse Wrestling and I hope he did – lest that minor poke suddenly become a most wicked elbow shot!

Back from commercial break and suddenly thinking Tootisie’s Bar would be a great place to be, Festus is rolling Braddock out of the arena. Braddock is wrapped in bubble wrap. Please don’t ask me why. Tonight is the return of Carlito’s Cabana! Vickie and Show are still backstage discussing how Undertaker’s apology is going to go. Show is reliving what he did to Undertaker. Again they replay what we saw earlier.

“The Gold Standard” Shelton Benjamin from Orangeburg, SC weighing 250 lbs.
WWE Intercontinental Champion
R-Truth from Charlotte, NC weighing 240 lbs.

Benjamin informs the audience his opponent is a jailbird and not worthy of facing The Gold Standard. R-Truth again comes through the audience singing his entrance theme on his way to the ring. The audience seems to warm up to Truth a little more every week. Benjamin doesn’t look impressed with Truth’s singing or dancing talent. The bell rings and it takes Benjamin a couple of seconds to come out of the corner. They lock up and Benjamin backs Truth into the corner. Benjamin breaks clean and turns his back on Truth as he walks back to the center of the ring. Truth approaches and Benjamin takes Truth down by grabbing Truth’s leg. Truth gets to the ropes and when Benjamin doesn’t break the hold, Truth delivers an elbow. Truth delivers his corkscrew forearm and takes Benjamin down to the mat. Benjamin delivers a boot to the gut and a few boots to keep Truth down before picking Truth up. Truth comes off the mat with a high kick to the head of Benjamin and goes for a cover but Benjamin kicks out. Benjamin comes off the ropes, blocks Truth, and delivers a t-bone suplex. Benjamin follows up with boots and then a few punches to the head before delivering a backbreaker. Benjamin continues to hold Truth over his knee and applies pressure. Truth throws a few fists and Benjamin breaks the hold. Benjamin delivers a swift kick to Truth’s rib cage and sends Truth into the corner post with an Irish whip. Benjamin has Truth down on the mat with a chin lock. Truth gets back to his feet and punches his way out of the hold, sending Benjamin back into the ropes. Benjamin delivers a knee to the abdomen and then a toe drop and goes back to work on Truth’s back. Truth back to his feet, delivering elbows. Truth comes off the ropes and goes for a sleeper hold, but Truth delivers a jaw breaker. Truth goes for an axe kick, Benjamin side steps it and tries for a German suplex, Truth counters and gets the three count.

Winner: R-Truth with a roll up, match time 8 minutes.

At the end of the match, Gregory Helms appeared on the screen to tell the audience he is on his way back to the WWE ring. Not a bad match and much better than the first two matches of the evening. I’m not sure about R-Truth yet but I do enjoy watching Benjamin in the ring and we go to commercial break.

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Back from commercial break, WWE Slam of the Week: The fatal four way main event last week on Smackdown with Hardy delivering the Swanton to Benjamin and Kendrick to win before being worked over by Kozlov.

Jeff Hardy from Cameron, NC weighing 225 lbs.
“The” Brian Kendrick
with Ezekiel

Hardy has a mic to tell us that he has been with the WWE off and on for about 10 years and that he has always been a risk taker and that is why he is our charismatic enigma. Hardy says he is comfortable in his own skin and he hopes we can all respect that. HHH told Hardy last week that Hardy has never had the WWE Championship but he realizes that HHH was trying to motivate him. Hardy says that he is now motivated and better because of The Game and he will take HHH’s Championship. Hardy brings up Vladimir Kozlov and how he is always craving competition but Kozlov attacked him from behind and didn’t face him like a man but TBK interrupts to tell Hardy that Hardy has to worry about TBK right now. Hardy explains he beat Kendrick last week. TBK says that is’ different tonight because it’s one on one. The bell rings and Hardy takes TBK down to the mat and pounds on him with a few fists. Hardy slams TBK face first into the turnbuckle but TBK manages to send Hardy over the top rope and down to the floor outside the ring and we go to commercial break…

Back from the break, Hardy is back in the ring and TBK has Hardy in a half Boston crab. Hardy tries to get to the ropes but TBK pulls him back into the ring. Hardy does finally make it to the ropes. TBK breaks the hold but delivers a baseball slide to Hardy’s head and goes for the cover. Hardy kicks out. Again TBK applies the half Boston crab and gets irritated at the audience when they deliver the Hardy chant. Hardy makes it to the ropes again, TBK breaks the hold, then goes for the leg again but Hardy delivers a mule kick and then a double stomp to TBK in the corner. Hardy pulls TBK away from the ropes, Kendrick sends Hardy into the ropes, Hardy delivers a face plant and goes for the cover, getting a two count. Hardy starts for the corner but TBK has him by the leg. TBK delivers a kick to Hardy’s head and sends Hardy into the corner. Hardy goes for the corner and the ropes but Zeke distracts him. TBK delivers a kick but Hardy counters and gets the three count.

Winner: Jeff Hardy, total match time 5 minutes.

This was a nice teaser match although it could have gone longer than five minutes. After the match, Kozlov catches Hardy as he gets to the top of the entrance ramp, nailing him with a boot to the face as Hardy turns around. Show appears in Vickie’s office to tell her that Undertaker is here tonight. Vickie hides behind Show and then tells someone to get on their knees and apologize. Whoever it is, does apologize, but she tells him to kiss her feet and I assume from the camera angle he does but it’s Chavo Guerrero in an Undertaker outfit. Show again plays what happened to Undertaker last week and we go to commercial break.

Keep your eye out for Blatt vs. ECW on Pulse Wrestling Tuesday night.

Back to the show, it does appear Kozlov is gunning for Hardy although the tough guy does seem afraid to face Hardy.

It’s Carlito’s Cabana with Carlito’s and his brother, Primo! Primo is Carlito’s baby brother and his guest tonight. They teamed up last week and defeated their opponents. Primo says that the competition on Smackdown isn’t all that hot and they will soon become tag team champions. Primo is a little upset that he isn’t a part of Carlito’s Cabana but Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder appear to make their way to the ring. Again we see Shane Helms in a corner of the screen. Hawkins & Ryder say that all they did last week was get lucky. Primo seems to like apples, too. Carlito wants a title match right now on Carlito’s Cabana. Primo says at least people know how the Colon brothers are. Primo decides to speak to them in Spanish but Carlito puts his hand over Primo’s mouth. The tag team champs say that they can have a match next week for the tag team titles. Carlito asks for someone to come out and pack up their stuff and Jesse and Festus appear with their moving equipment but Hawkins & Ryder go after the brothers and Jesse dives into help. Primo ends up outside the ring and he rings the bell. Festus grabs a palm tree and chases the tag team champs to the back. Carlito and Primo then toss apples to members of the audience. And we go to commercial break.

Mark Neeley is here on Pulse Wrestling Thursday night for TNA’s iMPACT!

And we are back! Maria is backstage with Brie Bella. Maria is bragging about being a designer. Maybe someday she can brag about being a wrestler? Victoria and Natalya enter the room to talk to Brie about going under the ring during her matches. They have decided she is having an affair with Hornswoggle. Natalya wants Brie in a match against her and Victoria next week and Brie can bring the fashion designer along with her. It sounds just lovely, doesn’t it?

Scotty Goldman
The Great Khali from India, 7’3”, weighing 420 lbs.
With Ranjin Singh

Earlier today, Goldman made fun of The Great Khali who he will be facing tonight. Cute puppet, Goldman. I don’t think I’m going to have to time this match. Goldman goes for the legs but gets sent into the ropes and dropped with a fist to the head for his troubles. Khali has Goldman in the corner stomping him into the mat. Singh is giving directions outside the ring. Khali drops Goldman with a clothesline and then another. The crowd develops a weak Scotty chant. Khali delivers a choke slam and covers Goldman with his boot to get the three count.

Winner: The Great Khali with a choke slam, match time about a minute

Next week, The Great Khali will face Vladimir Kozlov and we go to commercial break.

Back again. JR reminds the audience that later tonight we will see HHH against MVP.

Raw Rebound: A replay of parts of the Steel Cage Match for the WWE Heavyweight Championship between Chris Jericho, Champion, and CM Punk, former Champion and Challenger. Jericho fell out of the cage and won the match when his entire body hit the floor, but the match was definitely worth seeing. Jericho will be defending his title against “Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels at No Mercy in a ladder match, which is another match that could be worth seeing.

Hawkins, Ryder, Chavo and Bam Neely are backstage. Chavo wants to watch what Big Show did to Undertaker again and I guess the audience does as well because we see it again. The screen goes fuzzy and Undertaker appears. Chavo turns around and Undertaker has him by the throat, at least it looks like Undertaker’s arm and we go to commercial break.

Back from a longer than anticipated break due to technical difficulties, we are back in Nashville, TN.

”The Game” Triple H from Greenwich, CT weighing 255 lbs.
WWE Champion
Montel Vontavious Porter “M.V.P. from Miami, FL weighing 249 lbs.

Two entrance themes I really like. MVP does some heavy duty trash talking as he removes his bling. The ref calls for the bell and HHH stops to nod to the audience and get some support. There are military personnel in the live audience tonight. MVP has HHH in the corner and he breaks clean but then does a little move to show HHH he’s ready for him. MVP applies a side headlock. MVP comes off the ropes and drops HHH with a shoulder block and then comes off the ropes and as HHH tries to block him, MVP delivers a hip toss. MVP is a little full of himself tonight. MVP again applies the side headlock and as HHH sends him into the ropes he drops HHH with a shoulder block. MVP again tries to block HHH but this time HHH drops MVP with a clothesline and does a little showing off himself. HHH delivers a right fist and MVP grabs his nose, then charges at HHH but HHH sends MVP to the mat with a drop toe hold. HHH has MVP down on the mat in a headlock and we go to commercial break…

Back to the action, MVP has HHH in the corner and is working on HHH’s left arm. MVP applies a wristlock but HHH delivers right hands. We see what happened during commercial break as HHH goes over the top rope and lands with his arm on the ring apron. In the ring, MVP goes for the cover and gets the two count. MVP hangs on to HHH’s arm and delivers shots to HHH’s back. MVP delivers a knee to the arm. HHH catches MVP with a boot to the midsection but MVP goes after the arm again. MVP goes for a cover but HHH kicks out. MVP again has HHH down on the mat and is working on the injured arm. MVP is doing some nice wrestling in this match. HHH makes it back to his feet and in spite of an injured arm, manages to power his way out of the hold. It doesn’t last and MVP again has HHH down. MVP flips HHH over and gets a one count before HHH gets his shoulder off the mat. MVP applies an arm bar. HHH is back to his feet and he delivers a series of rights to MVP’s head but MVP grabs the arm and has HHH down on the canvas. MVP continues to pound on HHH’s shoulder and arm, working his elbow into the back of HHH. HHH is back to his feet, MVP comes off the ropes and delivers a kick before using an arm bar take down. MVP goes for the pin and gets a two count. MVP waits for HHH to get up and then delivers a forearm to the back. MVP backs up across the ring, waits for HHH to turn around but as he goes for the kick to the head, HHH catches MVP with a high knee. HHH is back with right hands before delivering a neck breaker. HHH comes off the ropes with a face breaker then comes off the opposite rope with a clothesline. HHH goes for the cover and gets a two count. HHH sends MVP into the corner but catches a boot to the face. As MVP comes out of the corner, HHH takes MVP down with a spine buster. MVP rolls out of the ring and HHH goes out after him, but MVP catches him, rolls him back into the ring and comes off the top rope only to get caught by a boot. HHH delivers the pedigree, covers and gets the win.

Winner: Triple H with a pedigree, total match time 11 minutes

This was the best match of the night with MVP getting a chance to show some of his mat skills. The leap off the top turnbuckle surprised me since MVP doesn’t generally do that kind of risk taking. After the match, Kozlov appears and HHH invites Kozlov into the ring. Kozlov does enter the ring. MVP leaps up on the ring apron. HHH takes him out but the distraction allows Kozlov to nail MVP in the back. HHH fights back and we have a brawl in the ring. HHH delivers a face buster but as he comes off the ropes, he gets caught with the Kozlov head butt. Kozlov does his grizzly bear imitation and stands over HHH in the center of the ring. I was wrong. Kozlov isn’t gunning for Hardy, Kozlov is gunning for everyone.

My take on tonight’s Smackdown? It just didn’t give the fans enough action to warrant wasting a Friday night at home in front of the television. WWE has talent to work with and we aren’t seeing it. The Women’s division needs women who can wrestle. Jesse and Festus need a chance to shine in the ring.

Thank you for joining us tonight on Pulse Wrestling. Feel free to drop by anytime and comment on this review and the great columns – pimping two of my faves, Vinny Truncellito on Monday and Pulse Glazer on Friday – here at Pulse every week PLUS news reports from the world of wrestling.

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