DC Comics & Green Arrow #1 Spoilers & Review: A Dawn Of DC Adrenaline Boost As Green Arrow Family Hunted By Iconic Villains!

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DC Comics and Green Arrow #1 Spoilers and Review follows.


A Dawn Of DC Adrenaline Boost As Green Arrow Family Hunted By Iconic Villains!

What To Expect.

Green Arrow #1 spoilers 0-1 Sean Izaakse

Art and cover by SEAN IZAAKSE
Variant cover by FRANK CHO
Variant cover by DAVID NAKAYAMA
1:25 variant cover by EJIKURE
1:50 foil variant cover by FRANK CHO
Blank sketch variant
$3.99 US | 32 pages | 1 of 6 | Variant $4.99 US (card stock)

The Emerald Archer is lost, and it will take Oliver Queen’s whole family to find him! But dangerous forces are determined to keep them apart at any cost!
Spinning out of Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths, Green Arrow by DC architect Joshua Williamson (Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths, Superman) and artist Sean Izaakse (Thunderbolts) is an action-packed adventure across the DCU that sets the stage for major stories in 2023!

In addition the main cover and solicitation above the title has a few variant covers below.

Green Arrow #1 spoilers 0-2 Frank Cho with Black Canary Green Arrow #1 spoilers 0-3 David Nakayama Green Arrow #1 spoilers 0-5 Ejikure with Black Canary Green Arrow #1 spoilers 0-4 Blank

That includes some variations on the main cover and a variant cover.

Green Arrow #1 spoilers 0-1-1 Sean Izaakse Foil Green Arrow #1 spoilers 0-2-1 Frank Cho with Black Canary Foil

Green Arrow #1 Spoilers and Review.

The book opens with a frustrated Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow believing he’s washed up on the shores of an island again, but all is not as it seems.

Green Arrow #1 spoilers 2

We then get a recap of the Green Arrow origins for readers to understand the patriarch of the Green Arrow Family.

Green Arrow #1 spoilers 3

Oliver Queen notes he’s a family man as we pivot to Earth to meet the rest of the Green Arrow Family starting with Roy Harper and Connor Hawke.

Green Arrow #1 spoilers 5

Then we get reaquainted with our matriarch Dinah Lance, but she gets a Black Canary logo will Roy and Connor just had their names logo’d.

Green Arrow #1 spoilers 6

We then meet Chesire Cat who is Roy’s daughter Lian Harper whose mother is assassin Jade Nguyen aka Chesire.

Green Arrow #1 spoilers 7

Then we get right into the action as all of the GA Family, with the exception of Roy Harper, are teleported somewhere with Lian telling he dad to seek of Amanda Waller of Suicide Squad and Taskforce X infamy.

Green Arrow #1 spoilers 9

Looks like Lian Harper is teleported to wherever Oliver Queen is.

Green Arrow #1 spoilers 10

She’s attacked by a robotic Manhunter, a precursor to the Green Lantern Corps, but Oliver Queen makes the save as Green Arrow.

Green Arrow #1 spoilers 11

They dash to, what Green Arrow calls a “Cosmic Omniporter Multiversal Network System“, essentially a teleporter, that he… destroys… straning them wherever they are?!

Green Arrow #1 spoilers 13

The Pulse.

A fast-paced debut issue which does all the usual dramatis personae set-up, new costume for all, as well hits the action and intrigue right away. Love the choice of the Manhunters as the foil, but is a Grandmaster or someone else pulling their strings? The art crackles with energy and pairs well with the story. Can’t wait for the next issue. A solid creative effort all around. 9 out of 10.

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