Heroes – Episode 3-3 Review

So, three episodes in and what have we learned?

Quite a bit really. Again there was a whole lot of information thrown at us, and it’s up to the viewers to try and digest all of it. So let’s go.

Mohinder and Maya
Unless my daughter distracted me at the wrong moment (and it’s entirely possible) there was no Mohinder and Maya this week. All the same, I doubt that anyone missed seeing them. But previews tell us that Mohinder will be back in full force next week. Yay?

Matt Parkman
Could it be? Have they actually found something interesting for Parkman to do? Well, no. We learn that the African guy has a MAGIC DISCMAN that allows anyone to gain Isaac’s powers. No, really. The good part of all this, of course, is that we get to see some lovely Tim Sale art for the first time in a while.

Nathan’s involvement this week involves him saying “yeah, I slept with Niki Sanders” and reading the Bible. I guess we have to wait until Malcolm McDowell makes another appearance before we get anything interesting from Nathan.

Tracy Strauss
Tracy goes down to New Orleans, where we can determine that a) Niki is dead and b) that Micah seems to have better harnessed his power. Based on the cryptic comment by Zimmerman, Tracy/Niki/Jessica seem to have been test tube babies of some sort. Or Cylons. Sure, might as well dip into that Battlestar Galactica well a bit more.

Hiro, Ando and Daphne
I’m not really digging this storyline all that much. I like the interaction between Ando and Daphne, but Hiro is acting like more of an idiot than usual. Whatever nobility he appeared to have gained in Volume Two seems to have been thrown out the window for the sake of comic relief. Ando’s a real loyal friend for staying with him, because to be honest I woulda slapped him upside the head for being such a moron. Interesting note here as both Daphne and Hiro were briefly powerless, and I wonder if if was because of the Haitian or because of something else?

Claire learns how to survive… or something. It wasn’t exactly proper training (I don’t remember anyone being able to fight based on being trapped in a box), but now she’s going out to kill Sylar. Yeah, that’s probably not a wise idea. And, um, where did she get the car from?

OK, shouldn’t interacting with his future self set off some sort of temporal anomalies? Or at least make him pass out? Anyways, Peter is now back out of Jesse (who promptly got killed by Sylar) and heading to the bleak future where the Future Peter comes from. Previews seem to indicate that the future will be a big part of next week’s ep, which should be fun – it’s interesting seeing people act out of their normal characters.

HRG and Sylar
So Sylar is part of the Petrelli clan… or so Mama Petrelli would like him to believe. She somehow manages to calm him down so that he’s not a total compulsive power thief, but that doesn’t really last. All the same, he still needs to live on Level 5, so he’s still a threat to everyone. HRG, the lucky bastard, gets to team with ol’ Sylar, which should give us some more of those awkward Odd Couple moments later on down the line. But really, I think most people are thinking that it’s just a matter of time before Sylar goes entirely nuts and tries to kill everyone.

Overall, the show is moving and aside from the dead spot with Claire, it was all good. Thoroughly enjoyable, and it left me eagerly awaiting next week’s helping of Heroes

That’s all for this week.

Kevin Wong writes for Prime Time Pulse, Reality Dish and Inside Fights. His current favorite comic book is Nova.

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