In Hindsight: Interview with Survivor: Gabon's Michelle Chase

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After their elimination from Survivor, castaways participate in a conference call to discuss themselves and their experiences on the show. In the premiere episode of Survivor: Gabon, two castaways were voted out. Here, we have the highlights of the call for the first person voted out, Michelle Chase. Michelle is a co-founder of Knockouts for Girls and in this capacity is an acquaintance of last season’s winner, Parvati Shallow.

In response to a question about what was happening “behind the scenes” leading to her getting voted off, Michelle noted that there wasn’t anything significant that happened which was not shown to the audience. She implied that while the editing was used to fit the story of why she was voted out (she was cold and weak), the older people (Gillian, Randy and Susie) did in fact bring it up several times.

She noted that G.C. was very competitive and that he had a strong work ethic that people didn’t get to see, hence he was never in any true danger of being voted out.

When asked about dangerous elements in Africa, Michelle noted that the most dangerous thing was not having face wash and thus having zits in HD.

Asked about tips for surviving the first week, Michelle noted that she didn’t make it a week and (laughing) said to ask Parvati.

Michelle noted she was rooting for Ken to win because he would do whatever it takes to win.

Asked if she would do another reality show, Michelle noted that she would be up for one that was “cool”, implying that Wipeout and The Bachelor (both ABC shows) were not cool. But there would need to be facewash.

Asked again about what happened up to when she was voted out, Michelle reiterated that the older folk were just looking for a reason to vote someone out. Still, she mentions that she got along with everybody, but when you have 2% body fat and are wearing mini-shorts, you’re gonna get cold and that didn’t help her at all.

She did not realize that Ken had a crush on her, but she thought it was adorable. But despite this, and despite rooting for him, she thinks that he could go if Fang loses the next immunity challenge.

Michelle did not think that Fang was going to get their act together and win challenges. She also did not understand the picks made at the beginning of the game.

Asked if she could/should have done things differently, Michelle noted that she could have done Parvarti’s flirty girl routine, but she went in overconfident and didn’t think she needed to think strategy that early in the game.

Finally, Michelle noted that she’s training for a boxing match on Super Bowl weekend.

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