Pulse Wrestling’s Real-Time Smackdown Report 10/17/2008

Welcome to Friday Night Smackdown! Follow along as we cover the next two hours of action…

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The show opens with a replay of the WWE Championship Match last Friday night between “The Game” Triple H and The Big Show. Due to outside interference by The Undertaker, HHH retained his title and as Taker beat Show to the back, Vladimir Kozlov entered the ring to beat Trips until Jeff Hardy came in for the save. After Kozlov cleared out of the ring, Hardy dropped HHH with a Twist of Fate.

Smackdown is brought to us from Las Vegas, NV and our ringside announcers are Jim Ross and Tazz.

The Big Show, with Chavo Guerrero, is in the ring in order for Show to tell Undertaker he will be sorry for what he did last week and to promote the Cyber Sunday Match of Big Show vs. Undertaker which can be (1) Last Man Standing Match, (2) I Quit Match, or (3) Knockout Match which can be voted for at wwe.com and three wrestlers will be helping Show demonstrate the matches.

Knockout Match: The Big Show vs. Who Knows Because He Wasn’t Introduced. Winner: Show

I Quit Match: The Big Show vs. Another Who Knows although the audience is chanting someone’s name but I can’t tell what it is. Winner: Show

Hurricane Helms appears in the corner of the screen to ask the next contender if he saw what happened to the first two.

Last Man Standing Match: The Big Show vs. One More Who Knows. This match must include a table as Guerrero sets a table up in the ring and Show’s hapless victim is slammed through the table. Winner: Show and we have two wrestlers down on the floor and one down on the mat and we go to commercial break.

We are back from the break. A special Hey to the cleanest guy I know…Beautiful Bobby Jay not only flaunts it in the ring, he puts together amazing music wrestling videos! JR reminds us that we are in Las Vegas.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match: Primo and Carlito© vs. Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder

Primo and Carlito took the titles from Hawkins and Ryder and this week they are planning on getting their titles back. The bell rings and Ryder takes on Primo who shows some speed and delivers a nice cross body block before tagging in Carlito. Carlito goes for a quick cover getting a two. Carlito is knocked off the ring apron and the battle moves to the floor before moving back into the ring with Carlito nearly getting pinned. Ryder gets the tag and Carlito is on the wrong side of the ring. Carlito comes off the ropes and delivers a neck breaker and both sides get the tag. Primo comes in with the same fire before catching a boot in the face and as Carlito goes out after Ryder, Primo pins Hawkins and gets the three and the win.

Winners and still WWE Champs: Primo and Carlito.

This match was too short for the talents of the four men involved. It was a great match for the amount of time allotted.

JR introduces another video update on John Cena’s recovery from his neck injury. Eva is backstage with Montel Vontavious Porter who will face R-Truth tonight and MVP says he will take out Truth before hitting the casino. We go to commercial break.

WWE Smack of the Week: R-Truth’s win last week over “The Gold Standard” Shelton Benjamin.

Montel Vontavious Porter vs. R-Truth

Truth comes through the audience singing along with the fans and before the match begins we go to commercial break.

We are back as Truth continues to dance around the ring. The referee calls for the bell and MVP begins the match by backing Truth into the corner but Truth comes back and we see Benjamin watching the match backstage. Porter sends Truth out of the ring, rolls him back in for a cover. Truth comes off the ropes with what JR refers to as a corkscrew forearm. MVP delivers a neck breaker and misses a kick to the head. Truth delivers a scissors kick and gets the three.

Winner: R-Truth with a scissors kick

The second short match of the evening and although Truth did get a chance to show more of his style, it could have been a longer match. Vickie Guerrero and Show are backstage visited first by Kung Fu Naki, then Maryse, and finally Ranjin Singh and The Great Khali. Khali will face The Undertaker tonight but Khali doesn’t want to get in the middle. Show convinces Khali otherwise and we go to commercial break.

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We see a video of Kizarny at the carnival as we come back from commercial break.

Ezekiel Jackson with “The” Brian Kendrick vs. Super Crazy
Kendrick tells us that he has a severe infection and he can’t compete tonight so Zeke will be facing Super Crazy instead. Zeke is a big boy and I see another short match in our future. I can’t tell if Zeke is sneering or smiling as the bell rings and Crazy becomes a rag doll as Jackson slams him to the mat and gets the win.

Winner: Ezekiel Jackson

Zeke may eventually show us he is good but I am disappointed this wasn’t a TBK match. After the match, Brian delivers The Kendrick to Super Crazy and we go to commercial break.

We return from commercial break in time for a Wrestlemania 25th Anniversary commercial? Eva is backstage to show Triple H his match last week and the Cyber Sunday choices against Trips which is (1) Jeff Hardy, (2) Vladimir Kozlov, or (3) Hardy and Kozlov.

The Undertaker vs. The Great Khali with Ranjin Singh

The bell rings and it’s evil versus really big man. Khali has Taker in a headlock but Taker comes out with fists and chases Charles Robinson out of the way when he tries to break it up. We have a punching contest before Khali drops Taker with a forearm, a body slam and a leg drop. Khali goes for the cover and gets a two but Khali goes for the shoulder. Undertaker comes off the ropes and receives the chop with Khali again getting a two. Khali locks in the vice grip but Taker surprises Khali by beating his way out. Show charges in and drops Taker to the canvas before rolling out of the ring and grabbing a chair. Show tries to convince Khali to use the chair but Khali chops the chair out of his hand. Khali leaves and Taker uses the chair on Big Show.

No winner announced.

Three big men in the ring and there was no actual wrestling. We go to commercial break.

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Divas Las Vegas Match (Diva must get the pink fuzzy dice off of a pole): Maria vs. Maryse vs. Natalya vs. Victoria vs. Brie Bella

Natalya doesn’t mess around and goes after everyone involved but Maryse and Maria take each other on. Natalya ends up on the floor and Maryse and Brie are fighting to get to the dice. Maryse sends Bella into the post and climbs but Maria is back and she climbs up the pole to retrieve the dice and win the match.

Winner: Maria

Maria will now have a chance to face Michelle McCool for the Diva’s title. No comment on the diva trophy match. We go to commercial break.

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JR introduces another video of John Cena’s recovery.

Ryan Braddock and Kenny Dykstra vs. Jesse and Festus

The bell rings and Festus clears Dykstra out before taking on Braddock. Festus tags in Jesse who gets a backdrop for his trouble and Dykstra gets the tag. Kenny goes for the cover but Jesse kicks out and Ryan gets the tag. Braddock body slams Jesse and goes for the pin getting a two and Dykstra gets the tag. Jesse manages to tag in Festus who delivers a throwaway slam, a squash off the ropes, but Ryan interferes and Jesse is in to take him out. Festus gets the cover and the win.

Winners: Jesse and Festus.

This was an entertaining match but again, it was very short. We go to commercial break.

We see another video of Kizarny. Festus is backstage to give Maria a flower and congratulate her on her win. Of course, Jesse does all the talking. A new romance is unfolding. “The Game” Triple H is introduced and we go to commercial break.

HHH has joined JR and Tazz at the announcer’s table.

Jeff Hardy vs. “The Moscow Mauler” Vladimir Kozlov

Kozlov starts off with a boot to Hardy but catches two of Hardy’s boots as he charges him. Vladimir picks up Jeff and delivers what JR calls a running power slam, but it looked like a walking power slam to me. Kozlov goes for the cover getting two. Hardy meets the post twice with his shoulder and we go to commercial break.

Back to the action, Kozlov has Jeff’s left arm locked up and he makes it back to his feet, but is taken down to the canvas. Hardy back to his feet and Kozlov follows up with a belly-to-belly side throw and goes for the cover getting a two. Jeff hits the Whisper in the Wind and comes off the top but misses and Kozlov catches Hardy with a Battering Ram, getting the three.

Winner: Vladimir Kozlov with a Battering Ram

Kozlov does make a great show of power but in watching him in the ring, he appears to have decent wrestling ability. Kozlov and The Game stare each other down after the match.

Thank you for joining us tonight. Everyone have a great weekend and BE SAFE!
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