Greg Kinnear Has a Flash of Genius on February 17th!

Have you’ve always wondered who invented the intermittent window wipers? Well, it wasn’t Ford or Chrysler. But the actual inventor, Bob Kearns, did take both companies to court in the ’70s and ’80s for copyright infringement. Greg Kinnear stars as independent inventor Kearns, Lauren Graham as his wife, Dermot Mulroney as his best friend, and Alan Alda as his lawyer. Flasgh of Genius takes its name from the doctrine which, states the invention “had to come into the mind of an inventor in a ‘flash of genius’ and not as a result of tinkering.” The DVD arrives on February 17, 2009.

◦ Commentary with Director Marc Abraham
◦ Deleted Scenes with Optional Director Commentary

Source: Universal Studios Home Entertainment

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