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DJ Gabriel is a Claudio Castagnoli ripoff.


Point Standings
***Only including teams who have wrestled in 2008***

Six Points
The Colony (Soldier Ant and Fire Ant)

Three Points
Mike Quackenbush and Shane Storm/STIGMA

Two Points
Team F.I.S.T. (Icarus and Gran Akuma)

One Point
The Sea Donsters (Tim Donst and Hydra)
Team FIST (Icarus and Chuck Taylor)
Incognito and Discovery
Los Ice Creams (El Hijo de Ice Cream and Ice Cream Jr.)
Lince Dorado and Helios
Demolition (Ax and Smash)

Chikara News
NWA World Junior Heavyweight Title Defense at Face with a View
570+ day reigning champion Mike Quackenbush is set to defend his NWA World Junior Heavyweight Title against none other than Buck Hawke. Mike Quackenbush has defended his NWA Junior Title four times in Chikara. His first defense in Chikara was back in August 2008 against Black Tiger, which he won by stretching Tiger ‘til he looked like a pretzel. His next defense was against recently signed TNA Superstar, Akira Raijin. Quack won that bout like he did against Black Tiger, with the Lighting Lock Beta. Quackenbush also successfully defended the belt against El Pantera, a Lucha Libre legend. But between Quack’s defenses against Raijin and Pantera was a bout we would all like to forget: Mike Quackenbush vs. Lince Dorado. This match was ruined by Mitch Ryder fouling Quackenbush, and proceeding to strap Dorado while he was ‘cuffed to the rope. Will Ryder come down once again and cause the title to actually change hands? Or will Quackenbush simply embarrass Hawke and continue his reign as NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion?

A Little Preview of Hydra vs. Ultramantis at Face with a View
Hydra vs. Ultramantis Black is already signed for Dual and Duality, but there are two other men in this feud that have unfinished business with each other: Tim Donst and Crossbones. At Face with a View, we’ll get to see The Sea Donsters take on The Order of the Neo Solar Temple in a No-Holds-Barred-Then-Holds-Re-Barred match at Face with a View.

Chikara Battle Royal: Blast from the Past, Wave of the Future and Some of the Present!
At Face with a View, there will be a Battle Royal featuring Chikara Stars from yesteryear, tomorrow-year and present-year. How many wrestlers will be in this Battle Royal? Who knows? Who cares? It’s going to be amazing whether it’s 3 people or 30 people. With a Battle Royal called “Super Fun Times Over-the-Top-Rope Elimination Style No Holds Barred Masked-Dudes-Welcome Battle Royal of Doom (and Honor)”, how could it possibly be bad?

The Colony Prepares for The Osirian Portal
The Colony currently has six points and are next in line for a title shot. They’ll get a preview of what they’re up against at Face with a View when Soldier Ant goes one on one against Ophidian. Fire Ant, on the other hand, will NOT face Amasis. Fire Ant will be going face to face with Escorpio Egipcio, The Osirian Portal’s new bodyguard.

Mike Quackenbush and Tim Donst to Take on The UnStable at Duel and Duality
STIGMA recently sent in a blog to Chikara offices, and they decided to post it on their official website. In the blog, STIGMA challenged Quackenbush to find a partner of his own and meet Colin Delaney and himself at Duel and Duality in a tag team match. For a brief amount of time, there was some speculation that Quack would pick Jigsaw as his partner. A couple days later it was revealed that Tim Donst was the chosen one to team with Quack.

Duel and Duality Main-Event Announced
Jimmy “Equinox” Olsen and Vin Gerard are going to do battle in the main-event at Duel and Duality. Both men want to tear each other apart. Jimmy Olsen was an easy-going guy with little hate in his mind. The only people he hated were those damn Ice Creams for making his brother, Colin Olsen, sick. Now, with no Colin Olsen, with no one to truly trust, he’s full of hate. Jimmy “Equinox” Olsen will take all of that hate out on Vin Gerard.

My Chikara Wishlist
Dear Chikara,

First off, I want to thank you for such an amazing year. Chikara 2008 surpassed my expectations by miles, and I’m sure Chikara 2009 will do the same. Though you guys have gone above and beyond this year, there are a couple things I’d like to see done in 2009. Here is my 2009 Wishlist…

Davey Richards: Ever since his debut in Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, I’ve been a Davey Richards mark. His hard-hitting style balanced perfectly with his high-flying style. They way he incorporated strikes in his high-flying moves was amazing, especially the impact behind it. But it’s his recent evolution in Ring of Honor is what got me high on Richards lately. Before he was part of No Remorse, he was simply hard-hitting and high-flying with little or no emotion. A fire was lit inside of him during his time with Strong and Romero, and he’s been angrier than ever. Richards is an all around amazing heel. He’s easily one of the top heels in independent wrestling. It’s not normal heat though. In my opinion, it’s Jimmy Rave heat. Everyone is sick of him and they don’t want to see him anymore, but he still sticks around. Chikara, I’m just asking you to bring him in once. Just once, that’s it. I can picture Mike Quackenbush and Davey Richards having a damn good match.

2009 Chikara Yearbook: I’m always down for some fun reading. I don’t understand why the yearbooks don’t sell that much considering there are new Chikara fans every week. The yearbooks offer background on the promotion, the wrestlers and past results. Not to mention funny and awesome photos.

More Pinkie Sanchez: Pinkie fits in perfectly with Chikara. Though his lapdancing at La Loteria Letal was rather risky, in no way was it not family friendly. Pinkie is just an all around amazing entertainer. He doesn’t shine in one category in particular, but he is a bright star nonetheless. Bring him back Chikarason!

That’s about it for right now. I don’t want to ask too much from you guys. As always, stay safe.

Jon Kirschner

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