ROH News on Dragon, Jacobs & Necro

A huge match up has been signed for January 16 in Manassas. Bryan Danielson is fresh off of slaying the mighty Morishima, and now he’s going to face an entirely different type of competitor. The master of manipulation, AOTF leader Jimmy Jacobs has signed to face Dragon.

As soon as it was reported that the Necro Butcher had signed to compete in the Four Corner Survival in Edison on 1/17, the ROH Booking Committee received a phone call from Delirious. The implication was that he wanted into the match as well. As previously learned, he will face the Butcher in a singles contest the night before in Manassas.

Jay Briscoe asked ROH for a tag team match for Manassas on 1/16. The match was granted, and Jay Briscoe has asked Roderick Strong to team with Jay Briscoe to battle Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards!

Richards and Edwards weekend doesn’t get any easier. In Edison on 1/17 they’ll face a different kind of test. Roderick Strong has gone to ROH Officials and asked that a grudge tag match be signed for January 17. Only two weeks before Sweeney’s men face Strong, Albright, and Company in the cage, it’ll be Strong and Erick Stevens against the American Wolves. But that’s not all. Roddy wants a “warm up” of sorts for Chicago. “I want the Wolves to get a taste of what it will feel like to NOT be able to run. To NOT be able to have your friends come and bail them out. In Edison on the 17th, I want the Wolves in a Lumberjack Strap Match! And believe it, only the STRONG will survive.”

Claudio Castagnoli certainly didn’t have much to say in a positive light in the most recent ROH Video Wire at He’s been forthright in stating that 2009 will be his year, and he’ll start that quest in Detroit on January 30. “I am very European. I am Custom-made, the prototypical athlete. I don’t drink nor smoke. In Detroit, I begin the Year of Claudio. Brent Albright, you will be my first conquest in 2009.”

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