Pulse Wrestling’s TNA Genesis Report

Pulse Wrestling’s TNA Genesis Report
Announcers: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report EXCLUSIVELY for Pulse Wrestling by: PK

As the wrestlers come out for the opening match, Tenay tells us that Christy Hemme is injured, and will not appear tonight. Instead, we will have Taylor Wilde, ODB & Roxxi vs. Rhaka, Saeed, & Bolt, with the one scoring the pinfall becoming the #1 Contender. Also, they mention that Rhino has not yet arrived to the building, and they say that they smell something fishy.

Jimmy Rave, Sonjay Dutt, & Kiyoshi vs. Eric Young & LAX – Elimination Tag Match
LAX with some overpowering double-teaming, but when Homicide goes to the top, he takes too long, and Sonjay dodges the dive. Kiyoshi then takes over the match, and is in control over Homicide. Heels take turns tagging in, and working over Homicide. Homicide with a T-Bone suplex on Kiyoshi, and he gets the hot tag to EY. EY cleans house, hits a belly to belly on Rave for 2. The match falls apart, and Homicide hits a suicide flip through the ropes on Rave & Kiyoshi, Dutt follows on Homicide and Young, and then Hernandez with the Super Mex on Kiyoshi, Dutt and Rave. All the guys then take turns hitting finishers, but no pinfalls. EY gets his head caught in the ropes, and Guru with a slingshot leg drog, followed with a pin, and Young is eliminated. Homicide comes in and hits a Gingo Cutter on Dutt, and then goes for the Gingo Killa, but Dutt flips out, and tags in Rave. Rave comes from behind, and rolls up Homicide for the pin! Hernandez in, and he starts to take everyone out. Boarder Toss on Kiyoshi for pin. Dutt off the top rope, but Hernandez catches him, and hits a sitdown powerbomb for the pin. Rave tries to attack from behind, and he puts Hernandez on the top rope, however Hernandez tosses him off, and then he hits a top rope splash on Rave for the pinfall!
Winner – Hernandez

Cornette questions Scott Steiner, asking him if he or any other of the MEM knows where Rhino is. Steiner reminds us that Rhino is a drunk, and to go check the gutters.

West & Tenay recap the X-Division Title Tournament.

Alex Shelley vs. Chris Sabin – X-Division Title Tournament Finals
The Guns start off with a series of chain wrestling. Sabin on the floor, and Shelley tries to leap over the top on him, but Sabin slides in the ring, and hits a suicide dive on Shelley, who then slides back and hits his head on the announce table. Back in the ring, they trade chops, with Sabin coming out on top. Sabin big boots Shelley in the corner, and then hits a springboard Tornado DDT for 2. Shelley reverses Sabin, and locks in the Crossface. Sabin gets out if it, but Shelley hits the Sudden Stop (Downward Spiral on the 2nd turnbuckle). Shelley with the Celtic Cross for 2. Shelley goes to the top, but Sabin goes up with him, and goes for a top rope hurracanranna, but Shelley holds on, and Sabin hits the mat by himself. Shelley then hits a power bomb, and goes back up and goes for a Frog Splash, but Sabin had his knees up. Sabin goes for a springboard dropkick, but Shelley slaps him down, and hits a Frog Splash across Sabin’s back, rolls him over, and hits another Frog Splash for 2! Sabin back to his feet, and hits a big time clothesline, follows it with the Cradle Shock, but only a 2! Sabin goes for another Cradle Shock, but Shelley flips out and this the Sliced Bread #2 for only a 2 count! Shelley goes for another Sliced Bread, but Sabin flips Shelley over, and Shelley grabs his ankle, and it looks like he’s in pain.

JB with Cornette, and now he says that Kevin Nash is in the hospital with a Stapf Infection. Foley comes over and says that we will still have a 6-man tag match, and the MEM have until bell time to get a replacement, or it will be 3 on 2 match.

Video Package recapping Bashir & Sewell.

Sheik Abdul Bashir vs. Shane Sewell
Sewell is all over Bashir to start the match. They fight on the floor, and Sewell dominating, but Bashir crotches Sewell on the guard rail in desperation. Back in the ring, Bashir is in firm control of the match. Sewell with a reverse clothesline, and he hits a diving clothesline. Sewell works on Bashirs leg, and slaps on the Figure 4. Bashir fights, and Sewell charges charges him, and Bashir lifts him and he goes throat first on the top rope. Bashir gets into an argument with Referee Earl Hebner, and he goes to slug Earl. Earl ducks it, and slaps Bashir. Sewell with a Sunset flip for the pin on Bashir.
Winner – Shane Sewell

As Sewell is leaving the ring, the rest of the referee crew comes out to congratulate him.

Backstage, Cornette is asking Booker if he knows anything about Rhino’s absence. Booker won’t talk to him, so he must communicate through Sharmell. Booker finally gets upset that Cornette is yelling at Sharmell, and he grabs Cornette. The refs come up and pull Booker off of him, with Sewell being the main one there. Booker stares him down, and then talks some trash to Sewell.

Recap of Creed & Lethal winning the Tag Team Titles.

Consequences Creed & Black Machismo vs. Beer Money, Inc. (w/ Jacqueline) vs. Abyss & Matt Morgan – TNA Tag Team Titles
Beer Money and Creed/Lethal all go back and forth. Roode & Storm on the floor, and Creed & Lethal hit sequential dives on them. Morgan follows with a top rope splash on all 4 on the floor! Abyss in, and he is being double teamed by Beer Money. Abyss crawls over to Morgan, but Creed reaches from his corner to tag in, and he takes out both of Beer Money. Roode grabs Creed, lifts his legs up to Storm, and Roode hits the Spinning Rock Bottom (like Umaga does), but Storm is the one that whips Creed’s legs around, very cool. Storm in, and he puts his hat on. He sends Creed to the turnbuckle, and follows, but Creed moves and Storm hits the turnbuckle hard. Creed gets the tag to Lethal, who cleans house. Lethal hits the Lethal Combination on Roode, and he goes to the top, but Morgan gets the blind tag, and tries to get the quick pin on Roode, but Lethal breaks it up. Abyss in, choke slams Lethal across his knee. Creed comes in with a Missile Drop Kick on Abyss, and then tries his Rolling Clothesline on Morgan, but Morgan hits the Carbon Footprint as Creed pops up. Storm from behind, hits the Back Cracker on Morgan, and then Beer Money goes for their finisher, however Morgan reverses it. Morgan charges Roode in the corner, but Roode with his boot up hits Morgan, follows with a Buff Blockbuster for 2. Jacqueline on the apron distracting the ref so Storm can toss the belt to Roode, but it goes over his head, and Abyss catches it, and goes to hit Roode. Roode ducks, and Abyss drills Morgan. Storm pulls Abyss to the floor, and Roode goes for the pin on Morgan, but Lethal flies in with an elbow drop on the back of Roode’s head, and goes for the pin, but the ref is on the floor keeping Jacqueline from the ring. Storm with a Superkick on Lethal, and he lays Roode on the KO’d Morgan for the pin and the titles.
Winners and New Champions – Beer Money, Inc.

Angle storms into Cornette’s office, and he tells Cornette that he needs to ask the MEM questions, come to him, not the rest of the guys. Angle then admits that the MEM took out Rhino earlier in the day, however they did leave him cab fair.

Roxxi, Taylor Wilde, & ODB vs. Rhaka Khan, Sojournor Bolt, and Raisha Saeed – Knockout #1 Contender’s Match
Nothing of note in this match, ODB pins Saeed.
Winner and #1 Contender – ODB

After the match, Awesome Kong comes down to the ring, and ODB calls for the title match right now, ODB charges Kong, but the Kongtourage beats her down, as well as Roxxi and Wilde.

Cornette with Sting, and he wants to know how Sting can condone the goons taking out Rhino, when all Sting wants is Honor and Respect. Sting said he had nothing to do with it, and he came to wrestling in a TNA Title match, whether Rhino makes it or not.

Recap of Jeff Jarrett/Kurt Angle.

As the match starts, they show Rhino arriving at the building, tearing stuff up in the locker room.

Jeff Jarrett vs. Kurt Angle – No DQ
JJ and Angle fall to the floor to start, and JJ is all over Angle. JJ toss Angle into the guard rail, and tosses a giant cup of beer in Angle’s face. JJ puts Angle back in the ring, and goes to get in, but Angle knocks him off the apron, and sends JJ back to the floor into the rail. In the ring, Angle hits a snap suplex for 2. Angle hits a belly to belly, and JJ lands right on his head for 2. Angle locks on a choke, and JJ fights out, only for Angle to go for the Olympic Slam, but JJ flips out. Angle charges at JJ, but JJ back body drops him right to the floor! JJ then goes to dive over the top rope, and he lands on Angle (he caught his foot on the top rope, and almost landed on his head.) Angle fires back, and sends JJ right over the top of the announce table. Angle then grabs the ring bell, and drills JJ in the head. JJ is opened up bad, and blood is gushing. They fight up the stage, and JJ slaps Angle’s head on the steel girders at the entrance. They fight on the stage, and Angle hits the Olympic Slam off the stage through a table on the floor!!! They both eventually crawl back to the ring. They are slow to get up, and then they go toe to toe. JJ then kicks Angle in the gut, and hits a Pedigree(??) for 2. JJ goes for The Stroke, but Angle rolls though it, and locks on the Ankle Lock. JJ finally rolls through, and sends Angle to the floor. Angle goes to the announce table, and gets a chair. Back in the ring, Angle goes for a chair shot, but JJ ducks and JJ drop kicks the chair in Angle’s face. JJ with The Stroke for 2. JJ puts Angle on the top turnbuckle, and goes for a Superplex, but Angle shoves JJ off the top, and hits a Missile Dropkick…I know…Angle hits a Missile Dropkick! Angle with an Olympic Slam for 2! Angle is frusterated, and he drops the straps and goes to lock on the Ankle Lock, but JJ shoves him away quickly. JJ in the corner, Angle charges, and JJ moves, and Angle hits the ringpost with his shoulder. JJ gets his guitar, and is waiting, stalking Angle, and when he finally swings with the guitar, Angle kicks him in the groin. Angle with the chair, clocks JJ over the side of the head. Angle flips out on the ref, and JJ gets up, goes for an enzaguri, but Angle ducks the kick, holds on to the foot, and locks on the Ankle Lock. JJ finally rolls through, and tries a pin, but only gets 2. Angle up quickly, and goes for another Olympic Slam, but JJ turns it into a DDT! JJ gets the chair, and creams Angle! JJ can’t make the cover, clutching his ankle in pain. JJ finally gets to Angle, but only gets a 2 count, and Angle quickly turns it into a roll up for the pin!
Winner – Angle

After the match, Angle with a chair, chases away security and the ref. Angle then stomps on JJ’s injured ankle, and Angle locks JJ’s ankle in the chair, and continues to stomp on it! Medics take JJ away on a stretcher board.

Cornette backstage with Rhino, and he tells Rhino that they can postpone the match, because of how mess up Rhino is. Rhino tells Cornette that he is going to the ring, and if he wants to try and stop him, he better do it know. Cornette backs off, and Rhino makes his way to the ring.

Sting (c) vs. Rhino – TNA Heavyweight Title
Rhino jumps on Sting to start, and they fight on the floor. Sting back in the ring, and as Rhino goes to get back in, Sting knocks him to the floor. Rhino gets in the ring at a 9 count, but Sting continues to stay in control. Sting goes for a clothesline, but Rhino ducks it, and hits a short GORE. Sting rolls to the outside, to save from being pinned. Sting back in, and Rhino hits a Belly to Belly, and lines up for the Gore, but Sting moves, Rhino hits the turnbuckle, and Sting nails the Scorpion Death Drop for the pin.
Winner and Still Champion – Sting

In the back, JB is with Devon, Foley and AJ. AJ says that he likes being the underdog. Devon feels where AJ is coming from, and he promised Bubba that the Frontline would take care of business. Foley doesn’t know who the MEM’s partner is, but they should wonder who Devon & AJ’s partner is…misty eyed Mick Foley, or the Hardcore Legend.

Booker T comes out and says that he is sorry that Kevin Nash can not compete tonight, however his replacement is Cutey Kip!!!!

Kip grabs the mic, and says that he deserves to stand in this ring with the rest of the MEM. He says that he is a true Bad Ass, a 10x Tag Team Champion, a Hardcore Champion, and a 2x Intercontinental Champion! He then tells the fans that he is more dependable then the Carolina Panthers.

Booker T (w/ Sharmell), Scott Steiner & Cute Kip vs. Mick Foley, Brother Devon & AJ Styles
All 6 go toe to toe to start, with the Frontline getting the edge. They slow it down, and AJ and Kip start off. They go back and forth a bit, but AJ drills Kip with a dropkick. Kip rolls to his corner, and tags in Booker, and AJ tags in Devon. Devon pounds down Booker, and tags in Foley. Foley roughs up Booker. AJ and Kip back in, and Kip delivers a big boot. MEM then tag in and out, working over AJ. Kip goes for the Famasser, but AJ dodges it, and hits the Pele. This allows AJ to get the hot tag to Foley, who pounds down on Kip. Foley give a BANG BANG, but Steiner is there to take him out. All 6 men fall to the floor, and the ref counts to 10, and calls for a double count out. Cornette comes out, and calls to restart the match. Booker T says that Cornette doesn’t have that power to do that, so the match is over. Foley says that Booker is right, and that Cornette can not restart the match, but he, as executive shareholder, can, and he is restarting the match under Hardcore Rules.

The match restarts, and Frontline dominates with the Hardcore Rules in effect. Foley wants Devon to get the tables. Devon lays Kip on the table, and Foley goes to the top of the announce table, and goes to leap on Kip. Booker crotches Foley, but AJ flies from a springboard in the ring, to the floor on Kip!! In the ring, Booker this an Axe Kick on Devon, and goes for the Spinarooni, but at the same time, Foley puts the sock on his fist, and locks the Mandible Claw. Steiner makes the save, and brings in a chair, but Foley fights them both off, and hits Steiner with a DDT on a chair for the pin.
Winners – TNA Frontline

Show Over.

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