10 Thoughts on Raw – 01.13.2009

Greetings Inside Pulse readers, my name is Victor Malar, and I’m the new guy on the block here at IP.

Starting this Friday, I’ll be doing 10 Thoughts on Smackdown on a regular basis, but I figure I’d do a test run on Raw tonight, so you can get to know me a bit.

Thanks to Matt for the chance to be a front pager (so you know who to blame if you think I suck).  If you read the forums at all, you’ll see me quite a bit pontificating about wrestling, sports, and politics.

Now, on with the column:

1.  Don’t worry about Mr. Jericho, I’m sure Uncle Vinny will make everything better next week.

2. You do know VKM will be back next week right?  I don’t think they mentioned it.

3. Miz vs Rey was decent enough, and hopefully with the Rey vs Knox match next week, they’ll put this thing to bed.

4. I know Regal vs Punk have had two straight lame matches, but something tells me it’ll be worth it when they do the rubber match next week.

5. Did Kane fight for Katie Vick’s honor the same way he did for Kelly Kelly (known to her friends as Kelly)?

6. Welcome back Mr. Dibiase, your place in the Legacy was waiting for you.

7. Randy telling TD Jr. that the punt was for essentially “tough love” was just so darn heartwarming.

8. Anyone think that Beth-Rosa will reach the heights of Sable-Tori or Trish-Mickie in terms  of stalker/borderline lesbian angles?

9. Usual good stuff from Cena and Michaels.  A so-so show becomes great with a half hour main event.

10. Anyone else get the vibe that this show was just a place holder for  next week’s “Welcome back Vince” extravaganza?

Well, one column down, hopefully many more to come if IP top men let me stick around.

See ya Friday.


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