Smallville – Episode 8-11 Review

Smallville is back after a lengthy hiatus. What is up with CW (or is it PIX now? When did that happen?) It’s got to be pretty risky having all of your shows go on a two or three month hiatus, right?

Now, it has been a while since I’ve seen the last Smallville episode, but how did Lana go from having a severe leg injury to walking around in high heels?

As a moderate viewer of Instant Star (which I only started watching, interestingly enough, because I saw a commercial and thought Laura Vandervoort was hot), it was really cool seeing Alexz Johnson make a guest appearance. Although I am disappointed that they couldn’t come up with SOME reason for Kara to return so that we could have an Instant Star reunion.

Overall, this was a fun episode, as the Superman-reference-laden episodes tend to be. I loved how Garth asked Clark where his cape was. I can’t decide if I got a kick out of, or was disappointed by, the fact that we JUST missed out on hearing them say “Superman,” though. I did, however, chuckle at the “no flights, no tights” remark. And hey, he does eventually wear glasses! And I loved that they mentioned Lois’ name before Lana’s. Although I could have done without the spiel where Saturn Girl told Lana how significant she is in the Superman lore.

This episode perfectly illustrated how Clark’s inability to fly has really neutered him, to an effect. When he DOES finally fly, I can totally see it as an anti-climatic moment because we’ve already seen loads of other characters flying. Instead of saying, “that was awesome!” I can see many people saying, “It’s about time!”

Kinda neat how we learned that Davis’ feelings were Chloe were merely a program to get him united with Brainiac. Speaking of Chloe, I’m glad that she remembers Clark’s secret. I understood and appreciated Clark’s gesture, but I really felt like it hurt the wonderful relationship they had developed, from a viewer’s perspective.

And am I mistaken or was Saturn Girl wearing one of those Lego spaceman shirts?

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