Helms On Life After Wrestling, Edge/Matt/Lita, And Starting A New Promotion?

Shane/Gregory/Hurricane Helms has a question and answer session on his myspace blog. He talks about how his neck surgery has made him consider life after wrestling:

My neck is holding up pretty good so far, as much as a surgically repaired neck can. I will probably have to deal with a certain amount of pain for the rest of my life I’m sure, and if becomes too much for me then I will have to make some changes and/or consider a new profession.

He also weighs in on the Edge/Matt/Lita love triangle (everyone’s moved on), who he wants to work with outside of WWE (which includes Samoa Joe and Chris Sabin), how he met Velvet Sky, and what he would do if he found himself released by WWE:

I’m sure that when/if my WWE career ends and I’m still able to perform that I would seek employment elsewhere just as anyone would if they left their current job. I might even start my own promotion. I’d call it FEW, Future Endeavors Wrestling! I’m sure to get heat for that remark! J

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