10 Thoughts on RAW – 01.19.2009

Mr. McMahon’s return barely lasted as long as Kevin Nash’s return from leg-surgery a few years back. Here are 10 more thoughts on RAW…

If you missed Victor Malar’s 10 Thoughts on RAW last week, check it out. For this week’s RAW results, look no further than Paul Marshall’s Real-Time RAW Report.

1. I was excited to see Orton and Kofi in the ring in hopes of a singles match, but Kane came out and ruined it for me. Luckily they pulled my attention when Santino came out.

2. What the hell happened to Ted DiBiase? Last week he was so jacked up he had muscles under his armpits. This week he looked like he slapped on a few pounds. Either way, I like how this Legacy stable is going.

3. Randy Orton’s Battle Royal celebration was the longest, most generic celebration I’ve ever seen. That includes touchdown celebrations.

4. Kelly Kelly needs to keep sporting hockey jerseys. Every girl looks hotter with a sports jersey on. Except for Candice Michelle. There are some things in the world that just can’t be fixed.

5. Candice Michelle is ugly.

6. Oh, was there a title match tonight? Was it the same title match that has been going on for three weeks now? The Punk/Regal feud has been drawn out so much that I don’t even care for it anymore. When you can make someone who is a CM Punk mark, a William Regal mark AND an Intercontinental Title mark not care about CM Punk vs. William Regal for the Intercontinental title, you know you screwed up.

7. Shad Gaspard’s inability to speak is tremendous. Morrison and Miz saved the segment.


9. Looking at Stephanie McMahon, I bet cameras add a little more than ten pounds. Better look out Steph, or Bryan Danielson might mutilate you.

10. This is the best ending RAW has had in a very long time. I didn’t expect McMahon to man up and take any of those hits straight-up— especially the punt.

I will admit on Tonight’s 10 Thoughts, I went rant-crazy. I promise next week I’ll put a little more insight and analysis into the product. I just needed to get my thoughts on a mainstream product heard. It’s been a while.

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