Smallville – Episode 8-12 Review

While I can’t really decide how I feel about Clark and Chloe’s conversation, the fact that this series is simply unwilling to let go of the Clark/Lana relationship drives me made. The past few years of Smallville have been phenomenal, except for two issues in which the writers are relentlessly stubborn about: Clark being in love with Lana, and Clark’s inability to fly. It’s gotten to the point that I can’t even remember how I could have possibly rooted for them. They had made so much progress with the budding relationship between Clark and Lois, yet they very possibly set themselves back to square one by immediately having him fall back in love with Lana the second she returned. It didn’t even appear as if he was conflicted. I mean, he had to be REMINDED about Lois. And I hated, hated, hated the fact that they kissed.

What they should have done, in my opinion, is after the police officer asked Clark if there’s anybody he’s willing to risk everything for, have Clark smirk. Then have him walk into the Talon and smile as he obviously looks at the female behind the counter. Have him simply say, “Hey,” and have the audience guess for themselves whether he went to see Lana or Lois (of course, we’d have to have a character slyly make reference to Lois returning to Smallville).

I also can’t help but be slightly annoyed by the fact that people like Lois, Chloe, and Jimmy are much stronger characters than Lana (in my opinion), yet they have all essentially been written off so that she can be in the spotlight. This would be acceptable if they provided some closure for her relationship with Clark appropriately (as in, having Clark realize that the magic is gone upon seeing her return). I love this show, and I think the past few years have been awesome, but they continually make Lois seem like Clark’s silver medal. And that’s a terrible thing.

Speaking of Lana, I loved how Tess called her out on the fact that Lex controlled her just as much as anybody else. It did a nice job of knocking her off of her high horse just a bit. But I do have to admit, that fight scene was pretty awesome. Why couldn’t we have seen that last year, between Lana and Kara, when the former was given Clark’s powers? Now THAT would have been hot.

Despite my criticism during the introduction, there were several “little things” about this episode that I just loved. This is a minor observation, but I love how the Metropolis Police shield is shaped like the Superman symbol. And great “Warrior Angel” reference, as well. Another great small touch: the sound of metal on metal when Clark caught the crowbar. Oh, and it was very cool seeing Clark in the suit again.

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