RAW Preview: Tag Title Match, Elimination Chamber Qualifiying Matches

Plus, JBL comments on his angle with Shawn Michaels:

WWE has announced the following for tonight’s RAW:

Qualifying matches for the World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber match begin tonight (no match ups have been announced yet).

Cryme Time will cash in the title shot they earned last week against the Miz and Morrison

In his latest (first self posted!) WWE Universe blog, JBL makes an allusion to his storyline with Shawn Michaels:

Shawn Michaels didn’t exactly get the job done yesterday, that will be addressed tonight on Raw.

He also announces that he’ll be heading to the OVW tomorrow and puts over bodybuild/nutritionist Tracy Beckham in the process:

One of the reasons I got into shape was because I met Tracy Beckham there and she helped me learn about nutrition, I went from an old fat football player to world champion with her guidance.

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