ECW Real-Time Coverage for 01.27.09

Welcome to the EC-Dub.

We are here and on the road to Wrestlemania!  Mike Striker and Todd Grisham are your hosts tonight.  And here comes the GM of ECW, Theodore Long.

Long is in the ring and says we are coming off an historic Royal Rumble.  Specifically, he’s talking about one member of ECW!  We watch a Rumble Recap of Orton’s win along with the other matches and Matt Hardy’s shocking turn on his brother.

Long says Hardy requested a release from ECW as he wants to compete on Smackdown.  Long says he granted that request and says good luck to Hardy.  Long says the Boogeyman is also here.  Swagger’s music hits and here comes the champ.

Jack Swagger in the ring and has a mic.  Swagger says Long has a great show.  And that’s because he has a new face for his brand.  We should celebrate that.  We WILL celebrate the new ECW Champ tonight!  Swagger’s music hits again and he poses with the title.

Boogeyman’s music and he’s nowhere to be seen.  He comes from under the ring and does his Papa Shango dance. Swagger retreats to the back.

Commercial break

We’re back and Boogeyman is eating worms.  Here comes his opponent, Ricky Ortiz. He has a mic and says Boogeyman doesn’t need worms to get the crowd to like him.  He needs a Rally-O towel.  Boogeyman decks him out of the ring and we get started.


Boogyeman vs. Ricky Ortiz

Or not.  Ortiz just leaves.

Swagger is in the back and tells Long that his championship was stolen.  He had it but turned his back and it’s gone.  Long says he won’t do anything about it as he has a show to run.  He needs to talk to Tiffany.

Raw Recap and Commercial break.

We’re back and the Burchills are in the ring.  Looks like Paul will be the one wrestling.  Sister Katie Lea is there for support.  Finlay comes down to the ring for the fight.  Hornswaggle is nowhere to be seen.  There he is, under the ring.


Paul Burchill vs. Finlay

We start with a lock up and Finlay gets the side headlock.  To the ropes and Finlay shoulder blocks him down.  The go for a test of strength but Finlay boots him in the solar plexis.  Finlay on the offensive.  He hits a few European uppercuts.  Throws Burchill to the ropes and gets kicked going for the back body drop.  Burchill clotheslines him to the mat.  Some heavy shots and gets the chinlock on Finlay.  The crowd gets behind Finlay  and he fights to his feet.  Some elbows to get out of the hold, runs to the ropes, and gets clotheslined by Burchill.  Now a combo armbar and chinlock on Finlay.  Burchill is bleeding from his nose it looks like.  Burchill throws Finlay to the corner and knees to the back.  On the outside, Hornswaggle is after Katie Lea.  Burchill goes after the little guy and Finlay hits the baseball slide.  Out of the ring and throws him to the barrier.  Back in and some clotheslines.  Finlay hits a suplex for two.  Throws Burchill to the corner and he tries to fight out.  Finlay gets him up and hits the Celtic Cross.  One, Two, Three!

Winner: Finlay

Ricky Ortiz is in the back talking to Tiffany.  He says he doesn’t know what happened with Boogeyman.  He was just trying to rally everyone up. Swagger show up and says Tiffany has to help him find the ECW Championship belt.

 Commercial break.


We’re back to watch a preview of John Cena’s new movie 12 rounds.

Mark Henry is in the back with Tony Atlas and is stopped by Swagger.  He asks if they have seen the belt.  Henry asks “You think I took it?  Even if I did what would you do about it?  Nothing.”

Another break.

Another recap of Raw and the Orton/McMahon storyline.  I love the “I kicked McMahon in the head because of a disease I have” defense.

Mark Henry heads to the ring.  Tommy Dreamer follows soon after.

Mark Henry (with Tony Atlas) vs. Tommy Dreamer

They lock up and Dreamer is immediately thrown down.  Again.  He fights Henry to the corner but Henry fights out.  Dreamer goes for the rollup and Henry just falls on his arm.  Ouch.  Henry gets the armbar and throws the shoulder into the turnbuckles.  Cover for two.  Armlock.  Dreamer with shots to the stomach to fight out.  Runs to the ropes and gets dropped by Henry.  Another armlock.  Kicks to the back.  Tommy back up with shots to the head but gets thrown back down.  Cover for two.  Back to Dreamer’s arm with an armbar.  Dreamer breaks out with a neckbreaker.  Henry back in control and picks him up for a scoop slam.  Goes for the elbow and misses.  Low dropkick from Dreamer to the head.  Boot to Henry’s face.  Off the second rope with a clothesline.  Cover for two.  Dreamer with a dropkick to the knees.  Again. Has him in the corner and kicks him down.  ECW chant and a dropkick in the corner.  To the second rope again.  Henry catches him and drops him with the World’s Strongest Slam!  One, two, three.


Winner: Mark Henry


And Dreamer’s quest for the ECW title doesn’t start well.


Swagger and Tiffany in the back and they tell Theodore Long they still can’t find the belt.  Long says they’ll go to the ring and get his title back.


Commercial break.

Jack Swagger is in the ring with Long and Tiffany.  Long feels like he is a third grade teacher.  He tells whoever has the belt to bring it to the ring right now.  If you bring it now, no harm no foul.  If not, there will be disciplinary action.  Swagger grabs the mic and says he is the face of ECW and wants his title back right now.  Finlay’s music hits and there he is.  He says he might know who has the belt.  Hornswaggle is under the ring and he has the belt!  He tries to run away with it but Finlay grabs him.  They get in the ring.  Finlay explains that his son sometimes plays with things that aren’t his.  Swagger says he knows Finlay put his little ogre up to it.  Finlay says if he wanted it he would take it from Swagger. Swagger counters with “the only thing worse than your chances of winning my title are your parenting skills.”  Finlay makes Hornswaggle give the belt back.  Swagger decks the little guy.  Finlay unloads on Swagger and belts him with the belt.  He hands the title to Long and Hornswaggle and Finlay leave the ring.


Well, that’s it for this week.  I abandoned the star rating for matches this week.  Post a comment and let me know if you want them to return or not.  Don’t know that anyone cares.








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