TNA Impact Spoilers

For next Thursday’s broadcast…

– Main Event Mafia opening promo fun time! Kevin Nash says that Samoa Joe is his bitch! Kurt Angle says he thought he knew Sting but he guesses he doesn’t! Angle guarantees the TNA title will stay with the Mafia! Yay!

– Eric Young & Jay Lethal beat the Motor City Machine Guns. Young subbed for Consequences Creed after Beer Money attacked him. Young pinned Shelley, who then challenged Young to an X Title match at Against All Odds (Of Getting A Good Buyrate).

– Shane Sewell beat Sheik Abdul Hassan by DQ. There was a ref bump and the replacement ref turned out to be Booker T, who brawled with Sewell until security broke it up.

– The Beautiful People beat Roxxi & Taylor Wilde. They paperbagged them but then Not Sarah Palin made the save.

– Brutus Magnus beat Shark Boy, then issued an open challenge for Against All Odds (Of Making A Lick Of Sense).

– Matt Morgan and Rhino went to a no-contest. Morgan had Rhino ready for his finisher but Abyss turned up with thumbtacks and Morgan bailed. Abyss brought out more weapons and thanked Morgan for bringing his old self back. He bloodies himself with the weapons to be all crazy-like.

– Team 3D beat Sting & Kurt Angle by DQ after the Mafia turned up. Woo! Angle doesn’t tag Sting! Yeah! Angle flips Sting the bird! Zoinks! Mafia keeps them apart! OMG!!

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