10 Thoughts on Smackdown – 2.6.2009

Greetings IP Universe. It’s time once again for everyone to come aboard the…Smackdown train!

What? You expecting something else? We’re PG now don’tcha know.

1. So-so battle royal to start things off. It was obviously a 2 man show with Kozlov and Gary the Fat Chick Thrilla getting most of the eliminations. Though it did get a fire lit for the Shelton-MVP feud with MVP tossing Shelton, and Benjamin jumping MVP afterwords.

2. Hurricane Helms tried to stick up for his buddy Jeff Hardy and paid for it by having a unique beatdown applied to him by Matt, who basically held Helms in a crucifix hold while elbowing the Tar-Heelia out of him.

3. Solid match with Shelton and MVP, as Mr. Porter picks up another big win and now should have a U.S. Title shot on the horizon (perhaps at No Way Out?)

4. You know more men watch Smackdown than “20/20′ or “Dateline NBC”? Notice they didn’t mention “Wife Swap”.

5. Energetic 6-man tonight with both tag champs, Truth, and Kendrick, as those particular feuds continue.

6. About the only thing left for MNM 2.0 tag-wise is for them to be the first team to hold both sets of tag straps at the same time. (Not a unification, as both Raw and SD would like to keep separate tag belts).

7. Semi-squash win for McCool over Eve, who wrestled her first TV match. Michelle vs Maria is your big feud on the Divas’ side, and it was nice of them to have a video package reminding us that Maryse is still Champion.

8. Whole squash for Umaga as he destroys Kung Funaki (INDEED he did)! Umaga should be running with the big dogs in due course, as his re-establishment on the show continues.

9. Solid main event, like you’d expect from those four. Big Show had enough of Edge’s yap, so he shut it for him. The SD Chamber will no doubt be the main event of No Way Out, as that is where your star power is compared to Raw.

10. Let’s look at the records of the SD Chamber participants:

a. HHH–12 World Titles, Grand Slam winner, 1997 King of the Ring, 2002 Rumble winner
b. Big Show–5 World Titles, only winner of the WWE, WCW, and ECW Titles
c. Edge–7 World Titles, only winner of both versions of the WWE Triple Crown, 2001 KOTR, 1st Money in the Bank winner
d. Undertaker–6 World Titles, 16-0 Wrestlemania record, 2007 Rumble winner
e. Jeff Hardy–Only 6-pack winner in WWE history (Grand Slam + Hardcore + Light Heavyweight Titles)
f. Vladimir Kozlov–umm…err…hmm…uhh…I’ll get back to you on that.

See ya in 7.


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