News on WWE Creative Troubles & Tough Enough’s Return

There has been a lot of internal discussion about launching a new WWE reality show. Bringing back Tough Enough is one option that has been considered, whilst there is also the possible launch of a ‘Legends Big Brother’ concept involving ex-wrestlers living together in a house. Vince McMahon was not so keen on the latter as it would involve showing former stars looking down-and-out. Tough Enough is a strong possibility though, yet it would involve adding yet more to the production schedule and creative workload, which is already packed and about to get busier with Superstars returning in April.

The WWE creative team has been kept out of the loop in recent weeks regarding the WrestleMania plans. The only major meeting time they get with Vince McMahon lately has been on the plane flights to the shows, which usually involves going over the TV scripts. Long-term plans are rarely considered there and so most of the WrestleMania 25 plans have just begun to be discussed in recent weeks.

Freddy Prinze Jr was released last week after the novelty of him being a wrestling writer wore off. He had not been to very many TV tapings over the past six weeks and his name had not been mentioned by the company since even further back. He was enthusiastic about the product, however, and in general was well-liked behind the scenes.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, 23 February 2009 (subscribe here)

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