Interview Round Up: Highlanders, Balls Mahoney In NY Times has a q and a with the Highlanders about their WWE run, their future, disliking their gimmick, Robby’s unfortunate TNA appearance, working with Ric Flair and Roddy Piper, and more. They also talk about the difficulty of getting over as a tag team in today’s business:

It’s hard to be successful in today’s wrestling because, number one, Vince McMahon doesn’t really like tag team wrestling. That’s the understanding we kept hearing from producers and agents and stuff like that. So, right off the gun, you have a blackball against you, if you’re trying to become a main stage in WWE.

The New York Times’ Bill Finley has a profile of Balls Mahoney. The piece is another inspired by the Wrestler, but Mahoney compares himself to Randy Robinson. He talks about his multiple injuries, his time in WWE, and his addiction to performing.

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