Total Nonstop Weekly – 03.12.2009

Welcome back Pulse Readers! I enjoy doing this column each and every week. For those that haven’t read my columns on the Pulse, Total Nonstop Weekly is your weekly roundup of news, rumors, and anything else of note. I also recap the prior week’s iMPACT and preview the following episode. Due to my column being late last week, I won’t re-recap last week’s iMPACT, but you can reread what happened and check out the ratings for that show by clicking here.

TNA Expands VOD on XBox & PS3

Pulse Wrestling reader, Jason Billingsley, sent me an email saying that TNA has made available several DVD’s in the XBox Live Marketplace. For 800 Microsoft Points ($10), you can download a growing list of past PPV’s and other TNA DVD’s. You will be able to watch these DVD’s an unlimited number of times, which makes this a great deal. Not to be outdone, the PS3 Video Store has recently added past episodes of TNA iMPACT as they compete with Microsoft in this area. The cost for each iMPACT episode is $2. If you subscribe to TNA on Facebook, they mention that they are also doing this service for owners of the Microsoft Zune. Either way you slice it, thank you Jason for this news bit. If anyone has any TNA news or anything TNA related, send me an email (listed above) and I’ll give you full credit and post it in my next column.

Rapid Fire

Raisha Saeed v. ODB!

TNA recently cancelled their March 20 house show in Puerto Rico. No reason was given to the cancellation and the venue is offering refunds.

Former TNA Champion, Ken Shamrock, was recently suspended for one year by the California State Athletic Commission for testing positive for three different steroids. He is set to face off against Bobby Lashley on March 21st. No word if this suspension changes things, however.

That was quick.

“Dangerous” Danny Bonaduce to TNA

Out of ten celebrities for Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Championship Wrestling, Philadelphia radio personality, Danny Bonaduce, will be competing at the TNA Lockdown Pay-Per-View April 19th. During an interview with Kurt Angle on his show, Danny had issued a challenge to any of the CCW alumni, especially Dennis Rodman, to a match. Kurt was quick to say that he would have an opponent for Danny, should no one from CCW accept his challenge. Whoever that accepts the challenge will make his or her intentions known on March 20th during his radio show.

This isn’t the worst idea ever by a long shot. I can come up with one off the top of my head that was worse – the “Midget Division” on WWE SmackDown. I enjoyed CCW when it aired on TV and Danny Bonaduce was one of my favorites to win the whole thing. He can do the basics of a match, which should be enough to have a good match at Lockdown. It will be very interesting to see who he will face.

Between this and the signing of Survivor winner, Jenna Morasca, TNA seems to be on the up and up when it comes to signing people that doesn’t have the “stink” of WWE. Unfortunately, the money would have been used better to give Sonjay Dutt what he wanted for his contract renewal and to extend Petey William’s contract. No knock on Morasca and Bonaduce, but Dutt and Williams are your TNA Originals. Had they fired Rhaka Khan, Cute Kip, & BG James instead, then adding on Morasca and Bonaduce (if for a one shot deal) would have been better. Then again, I don’t work for TNA.

Tonight on iMPACT!

Tonight on iMPACT, we gear up for Destination X as the Main Event Mafia’s own Booker T & Scott Steiner find two partners of their choosing to take on Lethal Consequences and two partners of their choosing. With Kurt Angle and Sting having their differences, who can the Mafia find to team with them to fend off the Frontline? In Knockouts action, Taylor Wilde gets her hands on Madison Rayne. Rayne has made Wilde’s life a living hell since coming into TNA. Will Wilde get her revenge or will the Beautiful People throw a fork into her plans? In other action, Rhino takes on Sheik Abdul Bashir and Team 3-D teams with Abyss to face Beer Money and Matt Morgan in an Elimination Tag Match. What else will happen on the show? Tune into iMPACT to find out!

Destination X Card

In what looks like to be the final card to Destination X, here is what will take place this Sunday:

Kurt Angle vs. Champion “The Icon” Sting

AJ Styles v. Champion Booker T

Featuring the daredevil superstars of TNA’s X Division

Team 3D vs. champions Beer Money, Inc

Sojourner Bolt vs. champion Awesome Kong

Samoa Joe vs. “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner

Abyss v. Matt Morgan

This Week in Wrestling


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Keep it here to Pulse Wrestling the rest of the week for iMPACT, SmackDown, and any late-breaking news that comes out in the wrestling world. Enjoy Destination X and see you back on Monday!

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