How I Met Your Mother – Episode 4-17 Review

Great, great episode. This is a busy time for me, so, sadly, I’ll keep this one short, but try to be my usual objectively subjective self. I’ll just do my usual gimmicky set up. This time, my super-small version of my Monday Morning Quarterback.

What a great episode. This season really has been a great step back up after last years downer. The way that this show has devolved back to its season one and two brilliance. This show had a great storyline, that tactfully, humorously and emotionally meshed comedy and emotional friendships flawlessly (gotta love them adverbs!). Also, the back-up storyline, Marshall and Barney’s fued over what the best type of nightwear is was also well done in its obscureness. This show had great B-Storys in the past, such as the cockamouse in Season one. This was a similar one. I also loved the idea of Lily breaking up Robin and Ted, which was done quite well. My only beef with that was that, at least in HD, the greenscreen of the Season Two restauarant semi-proposal scene was noticable. I loved the idea of the episode taking place in Marshall and Lily’s apartment. After many storylines centering around the move to the apartment in Season Three and the beginning of Season Four, the apartment has been underutilized. It was the center of the whole episode and it was played well. Finally, you have to just adore Robin’s show, and the shots we had of the Baby being born, the Weather screen breaking up (sadly, a little to cliched), and the chef on fire. It truly was the perfect mix of everything that makes this show special.

Joke of The Week

So, so, so many to choose from this week. I will have to go with the following.

“Two, becuase its sexy” – Marshall

“I can vouch for that. Can you uncross your legs, buddy” – Lily

This one was just brilliantly done. I just love erotic Lily. Aly Hannigan is obviously a great actress, but she has two brilliant modes. One is angry (more on this later), and the other is sexy and erotic. This may have been my favorite Aly Hannigan line since “This one time….”

Enjoyable/Aggravating Aly Hannigan Fashion Note of the Week

I love me some Alyson Hannigan in pajamas. They made them extra loose, becuase of her preggy belly, but she is just adorable in PJ’s. Damn, Marshall is a lucky man. However, I think we can all say, I would have much rather have her in the nightshirt.

5 Things I Think I Think

1.) Only Barney would be able to wear a “Suitjama” and not make it seem out of character. Although, it would have been better if they actually were pajamas in suit form, but nevertheless it was hilarious. Also, I loved the Barney insulting Marshall bit about the nightshirt. It reminded me alot of in Knocked Up when they all insult Martin Starr’s beard.

2.) Robin’s show seems like the most hilarious morning show ever. I guess when you’re on at 4 AM, you have to be weird and insane, since everyone watching is probably high, so they need entertainment. However, the only show that might be funnier would be the show that actually does have only Kim Jong IL on a Horse. Sign me up for that one.

3.) Supposedly Aly Hannigan and Cobie Smulders are due around the same time. However, it is really hard to notice any bump on Cobie, and Aly really looks pregnant. Now, Aly Hannigan is obviously shorter, but they were both about the same in terms of thinness prior to their pregnancies. There were moments, especially at the bar in the beginning, where Aly really looked pregnant. However, Cobie still never seems to. Either way, the baby is probably coming soon for Aly.

4.) One moment that shows why Mother is different than other sitcoms on TV. At the end of the episode, when Ted and Robin were having their dinner, there were obvious sexual overtones throughout. Then there was the cliched, “If were not married at 40 we’ll marry each other” which I believe two of the cast members on Friends made. The logical progression would be Ted and Robin hooking up, and even the music and the general tone would have pointed to such a scenario. However, this show was able to avoid it, and give us a great emotional moment.

5.) Random Notes:

  • Love how Lily knew the porno that the Barney fantasy came from. She really hasn’t changed from the horny Michelle in American Pie
  • Love the front porch idea. I love how this show creates a family in Ted, Marshall and Lily.
  • Love the callback to Marshall dominating in games. Also, loved the mini-callback to Marshall being pissed when Robin beats him in Bridge
  • Love the idea of them not knowing how to play bridge at all
  • Love the idea of Barney falling for the nightshirt and also asking about marraige. They really are making Barney into a new man, but not nueterizing him.

Who I Like Next Week and I Don’t Mean Alyson Hannigan

I like there to a major cover-up in the GNB family. I also love myself to fill out a bracket Ted and Marshall style, with a big board stolen from a Kindergarten classroom.