One Tree Hill – Episode 6-17 Review

This week’s long-awaited return of One Tree Hill (which got picked up for a 7th season!) took an interesting approach as it was separated into block segments.

“The Surprise”

Lucas and Peyton are excited about the pregnancy and Lucas stays up all night preparing the nursery to show her. Right before he does, Peyton falls to the ground in pain. They return from the doctor and although they don’t reveal the exact complication, it is revealed that Peyton has a good chance of dying if she keeps the baby.

Both Chad and Hilarie are amazing in this episode. Both have tears coming down their faces as they fight over the baby and I couldn’t help but tear up. Lucas
says he can’t live without her and wants her to have an abortion, although it is hard for him to say the words. Peyton refuses and she jokes and cries about Luke being a single father. The two have several emotional scenes and ultimately decide to have the baby. Love it! I just hope hope this isn’t a setup for a Lucas/Peyton departure for next season. Grrr…

“The Long Goodbye”

It was hard for me to care about Millie and Mouth coming face to face. Milli doesn’t seem as sympathetic as I think she should. She comes to get her stuff and move back to New York for good. Mouth admits to flirting with Gigi and takes some of the blame for the breakup. He wants to give it another try, but she leaves and cries driving home.

“The Seven-Year Itch”

What can we say about Nathan and Haley together alone, except for that it is long overdue. Haley surprises Nathan in Charleston at an abandoned house. These two talk about their futures and finally get some lovely alone time. Haley talks about possibly moving to Charleston to be closer to Nathan, but he would rather see her on tour. Since she is suspended from teaching, he tells her to follow her dream.

“We would live totally separate lives. What would that mean for us” she asks.

“Phone sex.”

I love funny Nathan. He is so charming. Although he is almost the way-too-perfect husband, I think it’s sweet. These two chase each other around and enjoy their seven year anniversary.

“The Deleted Scene”

Brooke storms out of the bedroom and tell Julian not to do “that.” While we were all thinking it was something sexual, we find out Julian told Brooke that he loves her. Brooke freaks out. They start fighting about Peyton and Lucas, and Julian accuses Brooke of hiding her heart. After finding out Lucas was the last guy she loved (wait, what about Chase?) and he broke her heart, Julian is convinced Brooke is just afraid.

I agree. I think Brooke is in love with Julian. It is upsetting to see him think that she still loves Lucas though. He lies about having to do something for the movie and leaves after seeing a picture of Brooke and Luke on the refrigerator. I guess I can understand where he is coming from only because he already lost Peyton to Lucas. But, if you think about it, Brooke must be afraid of falling in love with another one of Peyton’s former flames. I’m excited to see where this goes!

“The Cold War”

I was surprised to see Dan and Deb fight about Keith…again. I think they could have done a little better with this story. It’s all too familiar and we’ve seen it over and over again. He killed him because she slept with him and she tried to kill him etc…

“I pulled the trigger, but you loaded the gun.”

Harsh!  Anyway, it was nice to see a sincere moment between Jamie and Dan when he tells him that he can’t ever see Nathan and Haley ending up like him and Deb.

The previews for next episode are very hard to piece together and really didn’t leave us with much, but it looks like Dan is getting a new heart and Sam gets in some trouble. Stay tuned!