WWE Creative Team Turmoil & Post-WrestleMania Plans

The WWE creative team took another blow to their morale recently. They were instructed to head to Vince McMahon’s penthouse in Boca Raton on the 9th March, after the TV tapings in Jacksonville, for a big meeting to finalise the creative directions heading into WrestleMania and the ensuing draft lottery. However, Brian Gerwitz and Michael Hayes were then informed over the phone that Vince would not be taking any meetings that week. The writers were instead to return to Stamford, discuss matters amongst themselves and come up with multiple options that Stephanie McMahon would choose from over a teleconference. She also appeared to be frustrated with Vince’s lack of involvement. After the meetings were over a list of TV main events, major storyline beats and suggestions for future angles were submitted to Vince in Florida.

At this point Triple H and the Big Show are booked on Raw cards after WrestleMania. Decisions have not yet been made about the draft, however, and these cards are always subject to change. ECW will return to touring with Smackdown as they will be taping the show on Tuesdays again. Some of the current feuds planned for the post-WrestleMania shows include Edge vs Undertaker for the world title, Jeff Hardy vs Matt Hardy, Jack Swagger vs Christian for the ECW title, MVP vs Shelton Benjamin for the US title and Big Show vs Khali.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, 23 March 2009 (subscribe here)

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