Interview Round-Up: Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Edge, Mickie

Interviews! Get your pre-Wrestlemania WWE interviews!

PWI’s Mike Johnson provides a link to a video interview of Triple H. The Game talks about Big Show’s hilarious fall, how he sees the Montreal Screwjob (employing an All My Children analogy), the differences between Bret and Owen (Owen took the business far less seriously than Bret), how amazing Owen was a performer, how much he enjoyed working with Shawn Michaels and how much Shawn has left in the tank.

Speaking of Shawn, PW Torch’s James Caldwell has highlights from HBK’s interview in the Houston Chronicle, where he talks about his love of physical contact, something the current generation of wrestlers doesn’t share in his eyes.

Edge talks headlining Wrestlemania and his other favorite ‘Mania moments (where he reveals that it was his idea to do the flaming table spot against Mick Foley), and his thoughts on Christian’s return and Test’s death with Kevin Eck at the Baltimore Sun’s Wrestling Blog.

The Houston Chronicle’s Wrestlemania Blogger Ken Hoffman has an interview with Mickie James, where she talks about her brutal road schedule, how she prepares for a show, staying in shape, and her love of the business, among other things.

Ken Trammel at the Tusla World has interview with soon to be WWE Hall of Famer Bill Watts, where he talks about his induction and tagging and feuding with Bruno Sammartino in the ’60s (which led to his main eventing MSG).

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