Total Nonstop Weekly – 05.08.09

It’s a special Friday edition of Total Nonstop Weekly. This week, I have some scoop on Kurt Angle and some reaction to Roxxi’s departure from TNA. It’s only TNA when you can book Awesome Kong as a good girl and enjoy squishing the Beautiful People like pancakes. Vince Russo isn’t on the program this week, so we’ll leave out the Russo jokes for another column.

TNA Rapid-Fire
News from your favorite sources

TNA and Konnan have dropped their lawsuits against each other and neither side received any money.

AJ Styles and Jackie Moore are in Seattle filming a reality TV series for a major network. No word on the title of the series or the network it will be on.

TNA Slammiversary will be interesting as The Hills star, Spencer Pratt, might make an appearance.

TNA recently donated $5000 to the Hermie & Elliot Sadler Foundation, which supports awareness for Autism.

TNA Video Zone
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Velvet Sky v. ODB

Dixie Carter on Hermie’s Hotseat

Roxxi Wishes TNA Well In Their Future Endeavors

Coming out late last week after my column, Roxxi was let go from TNA. She was serving a sixty day suspension due to an altercation with Rhaka Khan. It was first reported that TNA Management didn’t want to bring Roxxi back. I’ll be honest, when I heard that, I was angry. Roxxi is a better wrestler than Rhaka Khan. Roxxi shaved her head for the company. She underwent different gimmick changes to please the company. She did everything for the company and she got the boot. The only reason Rhaka Khan still has a job is because of her relationship status with Kurt Angle. Of course, after I write this, the updated news concerning Roxxi’s release was because Roxxi herself requested it. There’s no reason as to why Roxxi requested her release or any idea what her future plans are. Roxxi will be a loss to the TNA Knockout Division, but it won’t cripple the division.

Kurt Angle Suffers Embarrassment

Since I can’t find a better title, this is more appropriate. The Miami Herald reports that the WWE was vindicated on a remark Kurt Angle made about WWE never offering him a chance to take time off and go to rehab. I’m almost certain Mark Allen will go into deeper detail Monday in This Week in ‘E, but this is huge enough news that I’m covering the basics of this. Since Kurt and WWE severed ties with each other, Kurt would go all out against his former employer, saying that the WWE never allowed him time off, saying he could rehab on the road. Kurt has had an extensive history with neck injuries, so he is notably on medication to treat that. The article talks about how the WWE would have allowed Kurt to take time off to go to rehab, all he had to do was ask. It also states how Kurt’s WWE release was a mutual agreement, since Kurt wasn’t interested in going to rehab.

Why is this significant? Because Kurt Angle’s TNA contract expires this year and everyone is making rumors that Kurt will end back up in the WWE before year’s end. Obviously, this makes Kurt look bad as he trashed his former employer’s reputation and also negates any leverage he would have in getting a decent spot back in the WWE. If Kurt does return to the WWE, it is no doubt that he will not be the same “top player” he was before his departure. Because of these variables, I wouldn’t be surprised if Kurt remains in TNA due to the embarrassment stemming from the Herald article.

iMPACT ThrowDown

Quick Results from the 04.30.09 Edition
Amazing Red & Suicide d. The Motor City Machine Guns
The British Invasion d. LAX
Awesome Kong d. Madison Rayne
Abyss d. Cody Deaner
Kevin Nash & Booker T d. AJ Styles & Samoa Joe

The ThrowDown from the 05.07.09 Edition

Suicide d. Consequences Creed (Jawbreaker into the knees; pinfall) – The game of “Who’s Playing Suicide” continues with Suicide now having four people saying that he is really Daniels under the mask. The angle is interesting and it would be funny if they reveal that Kaz was under the mask.

Matt Morgan d. MEM Security (Carbon Footprint on Sal; pinfall) – I’d be trying to get the Basham Brothers to handle MEM security since two fat dudes obviously can’t do it properly.

Beer Money d. Eric Young & Jethro Holiday (DWI on EY; pinfall) – Match of the night by far and Beer Money continues to prove why they are awesome. Any takers on EY trying to get into the Ultimate Sacrifice match at Sacrifice?

Awesome Kong “killed” Velvet Sky (Five Implant Busters and an Awesome Bomb) – Nothing to see here. All that stands in Kong’s way is Angelina Love and if I was Love, I would run away.

Main Event Mafia d. TNA Frontline (Jarrett Stroke on Foley to a barbwire bat; Sting picks the pieces up; pinfall) – A 10 man tag to main event the show that was surprisingly good? Take note, WWE. Jarrett costing Foley the pinfall makes Sacrifice very interesting to say the least.

The Road to Sacrifice

The Ultimate Sacrifice Match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship
The person pinned loses something dear to him.
Mick Foley (c) v. Kurt Angle (Sacrificing the leader of MEM) v. Sting (Sacrificing his career) v. ???

First Ever TNA Knockouts Monsters Ball Match

The Finals of the Team 3D Tag Team Invitational Tournament


Kevin Nash v. Samoa Joe
Awesome Kong v. Angelina Love for the TNA Knockouts Title

TNA Ratings News

Last week’s iMPACT scored a 1.2 rating, keeping the same rating as the week before.

This Week in Wrestling

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Vinny discusses ROH’s sister promotion, Full Impact Pro.
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I’ll have 10 Thoughts on Superstars by the weekend, so be on the lookout for that. You can follow me on Twitter. Until next time, have a great weekend and be safe wherever you are at.

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