Ric Flair To Wrestle Again?

Ric Flair has expressed an interest in wrestling again. He texted John Laurinaitis of WWE on Tuesday offering to come in and wrestle, although he admitted that he would not return unless both WWE and Shawn Michaels give their approval because of his respect for them both. He admitted to getting the itch to return after being involved with WrestleMania 25. In an interview with Alex Marvez, he said “I want to wrestle again. I watch (WWE) and I can still do better than 90 percent of the guys there. I weigh one less pound than the day I retired. I still work out really hard and I wrestle my kid all the time. It’s not like I haven’t been in the ring.” Flair also noted that his son Reid was attending an outpatient clinic with regards to his recent troubles.

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