One Tree Hill – Episode 6-24 Review

I don’t even know where to start. It’s a bittersweet ending to a long run (that is, with Lucas and Peyton). I gotta say I am not happy they are continuing the show without two main characters. It’s at a goood place right now, just end it. Did they learn nothing from Misha Barton’s departure from the OC?

Anyway, I’m ecstatic about a number of things that happened in the finale. So we left off with Peyton lying in her own pool of blood. No worries. As I suspected, she made it out alive with a healthy baby who they not-surprisingly named Sawyer. It’s Tree Hill. They all name their kids after their maiden names apparently.

Karen is back! Where was she for the wedding?!? I guess it’s okay she made it for something important…

Nathan finds his locker in Charleston empty and assumes it is because he has been gone for a bit. He goes home to tell Haley he isn’t on the team anymore and she is upset. But, then he tells that he is the new point guard for the Charlotte Bobcats. It is a really sweet moment and I admit I welled up when she goes, “You’re in the NBA?” Jamie finds out from watching Mouth report the news on TV and of course, is thrilled.

Dan is aimlessly wandering and comes upon Whitey who’s been MIA all season. They sit down with some cookies and Whitey’s gun, which Dan grabs and asks Whitey to shoot him. He apologizes for everything, including killing Keith. They hug awkwardly and he assures Dan there is still time for redemption.

Dan stops by Lucas’ house and sees Peyton with the baby. She is a little disturbed by his appearance there, and says no immediately when he asks to hold Sawyer. But, for some reason, she lets him after he tells her that the baby is the only person that doesn’t know all the bad he has done. Oh, Dan.

Julian has to go back to Cali and he says goodbye to Brooke. He tells her he loves her and they end up sleeping together (Yay!), but she wakes up and he is gone…

Brooke visits Peyton and little Sawyer who’s middle name is Brooke. Cute and strange at the same time. When Brooke returns to C/B, Victoria rattles off a list of things she needs to do, which includes flying to LA and telling Julian she loves him. And she does! In a very cute scene, she finally says those three words. Bout time, B. Davis.

Basically, the show ends like a series finale with a montage of everyone living happily ever after. It was kind of corny, but a very fitting ending. I wish it would just stop here. Peyton and Lucas ride off with their daughter in the newly fixed Comet. That’s the sad ending of Leyton…they will be missed.

Tune in next season for the inevitable downhill of One Tree Hill. Cue sad face. At least Julian will still be around…and there’s always Naley.