One Year in Memphis – May 24, 1986


Bill Dundee draw Buddy Landel (no contest)

Jerry Lawler/Giant Hillbilly over MOD Squad by DQ

Tojo Yamamoto/Billy Travis/Paul Diamond/Jeff Jarrett over Danny Fargo/Abdul Gadaffi/Pat Rose/Baron Von Brauner

Jeff Jarrett over Tony Falk

Rip Rogers over Dutch Mantell

Hunters over Paul Diamond/Billy Travis

Baron Von Brauner over Tojo Yamamoto

Billy Travis over Pat Rose

Lance Russell and Dave Brown welcomed us to the show by announcing that we’d learn the Japanese tag team tournament representatives today. We’d also be seeing the debut of the Fabulous Fargo (who was not Jackie), and news of Buddy Landel and Bill Dundee splitting up.

After a commercial Russell and Brown announced that the CWA representatives in the tournament would be Jerry Lawler and Austin Idol. Russell then teased the Landel/Dundee split again before we headed to the ring.

In the ring, Keith Erich and Easy Rider were set to take on Lawler and the Giant Hillbilly. Lawler and Erich started with Erich backing Lawler into a corner after the initial tie-up. Erich learned not to mock the Hillbilly, however, when the giant man entered the ring and forced Erich to clear out.

Lawler caught Erich with a fist and took control of the match, which convinced Erich to tag the Easy Rider in. The Rider backed Lawler into a corner and started hammering him. Lawler was rescued when the Hillbilly pulled him off by the hair and the Rider sent Erich back in.

Lawler tagged in the Hillbilly and a kick doubled Erich over. A punch sent Erich to the mat, a body slam kept him there, and a stomp made sure he wouldn’t move before Lawler came back in. Lawler got Erich in the position for a piledriver, which the referee had to break up.

Erich brought the Rider in and Lawler took him down with a single leg takedown and after a quick distraction for the referee Lawler dropped an elbow into the Rider’s lower lower abdomen. A suplex and a fist drop dazed the Rider and Lawler rammed him into the corner, allowing Erich back in.

Erich was fired up and gained the advantage on Lawler, trapping him in the corner. Lawler dropped the strap and fired a few right hands of his own before bringing the Hillbilly in. The Giant Hillbilly engulfed Erich in the corner, then dropped a leg for the win at 4:53.

The Hillbilly did a quick victory dance before we headed to commercial.

After the break, we headed backstage with Russell for the rundown on Wednesday night’s show. Lawler and the Hillbilly joined Russell for a few words. Lawler was obviously thrilled at the opportunity not only to beat up the MOD Squad, but to also get the titles and then Lawler would get five minutes alone in the ring with JD Costello. Lawler invited Costello to dress up pretty so that he’d be ready for the beating of his life. Hillbilly closed by promising to sit on the Squad and take them out.

We came back to the studio for Russell to discuss the Japanese tournament that Lawler and Idol would be going to. Russell started talking about the final where they’d faced Dundee and Landel and Dundee made his way to the interview set.

Dundee said that he’d been expecting an apology from Landel for what happened, but he’d gotten nothing. He added that since Landel wasn’t there he was obviously just a coward. Dundee admitted that he’d slapped Landel, and Landel was now making a mistake by demanding a match.

Dundee ran down the list of everybody he’d run out of town and promised to add Landel to that list. However, Dundee said if Landel apologized they’d call the whole thing off.

Russell then introduced video footage of what had happened in the match. We saw Dundee with Lawler trapped in a sleeper hold and referee Frank Morrell dropped Lawler’s arm twice. Lawler began fighting his way back and pumped himself up to escape the hold. The referee checked Lawler again, and Lawler’s arm fell twice.

Lawler fought his way back to his feet and Dundee climbed on his back, only for Lawler to back into the corner and sandwich him. Landel hit the ring to help and Idol came in as well. Idol battled Dundee while Lawler attacked Landel.

Landel finally stunned Lawler with a punch and went after Idol. Finally Dundee headed up top to drop an axe handle on Lawler. Lawler moved and Dundee nailed his own partner. Lawler made a quick cover and got the win.

Landel and Dundee started shoving each other and Dundee wrapped a chain around his fist and stacked Landel before he pulled the chain free and started choking him. Dundee kept attacking until the bloody Landel started fighting back, which was Dundee’s opportunity to clear out.

We headed back to the studio to find a furious Dundee. He threatened Landel again and stormed to the ring where he was set to face David Haskins. Haskins took Dundee down with a couple of hiptosses and a dropkick. Dundee dodged a second and began stomping Haskins.

Dundee whipped Haskins across the ring and stopped him with a clothesline before covering for a two. Dundee then pitched Haskins out and fought to keep him out of the ring.

Dundee finally pulled Haskins in with his hair and took him down while working his arm. Dundee finally slammed Haskins down for the win at 2:29.

Business picked up as Landel entered the studio and stood looking at the ring. Dundee backed away as Landel glared at him. Dundee backed up to the interview set before begging off and running to the back.

Landel joined Russell for his say. Landel claimed that the reason that Dundee had been sitting by the phone was due to his sleepless night. Landel talked about how he was the star of the team before saying that Dundee hadn’t done anything to him that hadn’t been done before. Landel then promised to take Dundee out in their match.

We then returned backstage to hear more about the show at the Evansville Coliseum.

After the break, we returned to the studio to find the MOD Squad and Danny Fargo set to take on Mike Murphy, Benny Trailer, and Jim Jameson.

JD Costello wasted no time in heading to commentary to introduce Danny Fargo. Costello put over Fargo as Spike hammered Trailer in the ring. Fargo tagged in and continued the assault on Benny Trailer.

Fargo slammed Trailer and did the Fargo strut before bringing Basher in. Costello then revealed how Jackie Fargo had kept Danny Fargo down for years before saying that it would be unwise to discuss Danny’s relationship to Jackie, hinting that Jackie may have been Danny‘s father.

Back in the ring, “The Fabulous Danny Fargo” (according to Costello) slammed Jim Jameson and got a two. Spike headed back in and quickly took down Jameson while Fargo did the strut to rile the crowd up.

The Squad wrestled the majority of the match, while letting Fargo in to take a few shots every now and then. Fargo finally hit an atomic knee drop (Jackie Fargo’s finisher) on Jameson for the win at 4:25. As Fargo strutted, Costello headed to the ring to congratulate his men.

Russell headed to the interview set where he was set to talk with Mid-America champion Dutch Mantell. Mantell started the interview by stating how pleased he was that Landel had seen through Dundee for what he was. Mantell then moved on to hint that Jackie Fargo might have something to say about Danny.

Mantell then brought up how Rip Rogers wanted the Mid-America title. Mantell talked about how Rogers was a fine wrestler, but he wouldn’t be the champion until he pinned Mantell.

That brought Rogers out to talk about all the titles he’d held in the past. Rogers congratulated Mantell on “finally” winning a title before he challenged Mantell to a title match.

Mantell asked if Rogers’s sparkly suspenders had come from Costello before mentioning that Rogers had done a lot in his career, but he’d never beaten Mantell. Rogers promised Mantell all he’d need was one shot at the title to win it. Mantell promised to keep the title before we went to commercial.

We came back to see the Hunters set to face David Johnson and Henry Rutledge. Hunter Eagle and Johnson started while Eagle’s partner Raven stayed in the corner. Eagle quickly seized control of the match and started decimating Johnson. Raven tagged in and continued the punishment.

Finally Johnson grabbed an opportunity to bring Rutledge in only for the Hunters to continue dominating the match. Russell and Brown spent a few minutes discussing that the Hunters were the heavy favorites in the match as they continued taking Rutledge apart. Finally Eagle put Rutledge down for the win at 3:53.

Russell was soon joined at the interview set by the Hunters. Eagle dropped the news that the double axe handle he’d used to win the match was called the Georgia Sledgehammer. Eagle added that Lawler and Idol had cheated to win the tournament. They then promised to take apart any tag team that they faced before bashing Landel and offering an opportunity for him to wrestle them in a handicap match.

We headed backstage for one more rundown of the card on Wednesday night. Costello and the MOD Squad joined Russell. Costello called the Hillbilly a disgrace and added that Lawler hadn’t been able to win the belts from them. Costello added that he’d love five minutes to attack Lawler.

We headed back to the arena for our main event as Tony Falk, Abdul Gadaffi, Baron Von Brauner and Pat Rose were set to face Jeff Jarrett, Billy Travis, Paul Diamond, and Pat Tanaka.

Rose and Tanaka started, with Rose taking Tanaka down quickly. Tanaka returned the favor with an arm drag and the two got into a shoving contest. Tanaka upped the pace by running the ropes before dropping Rose with vicious chops. Rose headed to the corner before returning to the battle.

Tanaka tied up Rose’s arm and tagged in Jeff Jarrett. Rose tagged in Falk and Jarrett wound up dominating Falk. A monkey flip sent Falk flying and he decided to tag in Gadaffi.

Gadaffi backed Jarrett into the corner where Diamond tagged in and started working Gadaffi’s arm. Gadaffi overpowered Diamond but a double drop kick from Diamond and Travis put him down.

Gadaffi quickly brought Rose in to face Travis. Billy soon took control of the match from Rose and flipped him across the ring before bringing Diamond back in. Diamond put Rose down with a fireman’s carry and brought Tanaka back in.

A boot from Rose paused the action and both men tagged out to bring in Falk and Travis. Falk dazed Travis and brought in Gadaffi to take him apart. Falk soon tagged back in while Rose headed to the corner to allow Von Brauner and Gadaffi to get involved. Pat Rose came off the top rope to Travis, which drew a DQ.

Brown quickly gave a rundown of the day’s events after the final commercial. Russell reminded the fans of the week’s shows and said goodbye for another week.


Grudge match
Bill Dundee vs. Buddy Landel

Southern Tag Team titles
If Lawler/Hillbilly win, Lawler gets five minutes alone in the ring with JD Costello.
MOD Squad © vs. Jerry Lawler/Giant Hillbilly

Tony Falk vs. Pat Tanaka

Billy Travis vs. Pat Rose

Paul Diamond vs. Danny Fargo

Lumberjack match
Jos LeDuc vs. Abdul Gadaffi

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