Trigg Returns to UFC

MMA Junkie has the scoop: Frank Trigg has signed a four-fight deal with the UFC and will be returning to the promotion in late fall or early winter.

Trigg will fight at welterweight and could potentially be lined up as the next opponent for Matt Hughes. I’m somewhat surprised that Trigg has chosen to fight at welterweight, since there’s a dearth of talent in the middleweight division and he could potentially rise up the ranks faster than he can in the stacked welterweight division.

The signing is surprising for several reasons: it’s common knowledge that Zuffa wasn’t happy with some of the anti-UFC comments Trigg made while working commentary for PRIDE, and Zuffa isn’t known for being the most forgiving company in the world once you’ve crossed them.

Regardless, this is a good move for the company, as it gives them another proven veteran who can be matched up with some of the stars of tomorrow.