Kevin Nash Might Be Shooting On A Quebecer Tonight

Slam Wrestling reprints an interview Kevin Nash did with the Ottawa Sun’s Tim Baines. Nash talks about the possibility that he and former WWF Tag Team Champion Carl Ouellet will be shooting on each other tonight in a match for the International Wrestling Syndicate.

The bad blood between the two stems from Oullet refusing to job to Nash at a house show in Montreal in 1995, during Nash’s run as WWF Champion Diesel, and eventually getting the match changed. Nash says that that led to a shoot the next night after Oullet landed “rear end first” on his head during a leg drop. That led to an exchange of stiff shots and the two being seperated backstage.

The article does try to give both men’s side of the story of what happened in ’95, quoting an Oullet radio interview for his side of the story. Oullet does admit to refusing to a job to Nash in his home country. He was apparently taken aback by the fact that Nash told him the finish of the match a month beforehand. He also says he always had heat with the Kliq, and that he threatened to pack his bags and go home if they didn’t change the finish of the match. I’m kind of amazed that Quebecer Pierre could make those demands.

Nash also talks briefly about choosing TNA over WWE to spend more time with his family, even though he considers Vince McMahon a friend and has respect for him; keeping in contact with the Kliq (which includes standing up for Triple H), breaking in to the business, how much longer he plans to wrestle, and being part of the evolution of the athletic big man in WWF. Oh, and he says that his son is already 6’5 and wearing his size 16 shoes and he’s not 13 yet, which is frightening on a number of levels.

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