Sony Pictures announces The Class for DVD and BD

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The Class (Entre les murs) is one of just six films in the Cannes Film Festival’s history to be unanimously voted as the best. Laurent Cantent’s feature stars François Bégaudeau as a literature teacher working in an inner city middle school in France. The film went on to be nominated for this year’s Best Foreign Langauge Film (ultimately losing to Japan’s Departures). The Class comes to Blu-ray on August 11th.


– 1080p with AVC codec
– 3.0 Dolby TrueHD soundtrack
– Audio Commentary on Select Scenes
– Making-of featurette
– Actors’ Workshop Rehearsal Sessions
– Actors’ Self-Portraits

Source: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment


Francois Begaudeau plays a teacher struggling to reach Parisian students in “The Class.”

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