Kace In Point 6/9/2009

Tommy Dreamer is ECW Champion and at least this time, he’s holding the belt for more than a few minutes. Say what you will about Vince McMahon and the writers, but they’ve managed to show Tommy more respect with this one moment than Paul Heyman apparently could.

In 2000, Tommy defeated Tazz to finally win the Championship most coveted to him. Minutes later, he became ECW’s Yokozuna of WWF WrestleMania IX, immediately defending the belt against Justin Credible and losing. ECW’s fate by March, 2001 almost seemed fitting afterwards.

Here we are now in 2009. WWE ECW is obviously different from the original recipe. However, the one constant between the past and present has been Tommy Dreamer. The title reign may be short and may even come to an abrupt end on the next WWE ECW show, but it’s still an accomplishment and still much better than what he was afforded nine years ago.

So with all that’s wrong about WWE or wrestling in general, I don’t mind saluting something that actually goes right. Congratulations to Tommy. He’s earned it and it’s nice to see him rewarded for his dedication.

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