A Letter to Wanderlei Silva from a Fan


Dear Mr. Axe Murder,

I wanted to take a moment of time to say thank you for all that you have done for the sport of MMA.  You, like many, have built this temple with bricks of honor, pride, aggression, victory, defeat, all kilned in the fires of war.  Your blood, sweat and tears make the mortar.

You started an epic journey so many years ago, and the path lay behind you, fraught with the blood of your foes.  Sadly, that path is longer behind than it stretches ahead.   There are still many steps to take forward regardless of that fact.

I remember your name being the very reason I began watching the Pride fights.  Knowing you would be fighting lured me into a love affair between organizations that I still struggle with today.  You battled the giants of this world in Pride.  You succeeded so dominantly, and failed so graciously.

War was always at your feet, and you embraced it with open arms for the honor of hearing us chant your name.  You have said so many times, you just want to be the best you can be to please your fans.  We were pleased time and time again.  You continue to do that mantra justice as you fight today.  We fans know why you fight so hard, and we thank you tremendously.

Wandy, you have crafted a career in this sport that can never be rivaled.  You have fought only the best and gave nothing but your heart in every outing.  For that you have earned the respect of your fellow fighters, the biggest organization in the business, and most of all your fans.

Your stare down is legendary.  How many fights have you won before the bell even rang?  Your rush to battle intimidates the greatest of fighters.  The explosion that you bring into the cage rocks everyone in the room from the man standing across from you all the way to the fans in the back row.  Everyone knows what you came to do.  Only one person can stop you and rarely does he do so.

Sometimes as our sport evolves times change.  The game changes with it.  No longer is it advised to go all out for war as you have done so many times.  No longer is victory at any cost the motivation for those who would claim greatness.  The sport has changed so much over your tenure.  It is with our appreciation that we thank you for not changing with it.

For those fans who do not speak Portuguese, we have only heard you speak in a tongue foreign to you.  Your English while ever improving does not display your eloquence.  At first glance you are menacing and intimidating, with a language barrier you may seem more exotic and untamed.  Once you are translated from your native language it is instantly obvious you are a man of dignity, and very articulate in your speech.

You recently posted some content on the web and said some very amazing things regarding your upcoming fight.  You requested we fans support you and cheer for you when you fight.  Rest assured we will chant your name, we will hold your performance high regardless of how it ends.  We owe you so much Wandy, how could we root against you.

Your kindness, mixed with your ferocity is one of a kind.  Your belief in war over victory is admirable.  Your name is legendary and echoes throughout the greatest moments in the history of the sport.  You have earned our respect and gratitude that you have worked so desperately to earn.

In closing Wanderlei, this is all just to thank you.  It is not every day that a talent like yours, mixes with the heart and desire you carry.  It will not be soon before we see another fighter like you, if we ever do again.

Good luck in your next fight, you have a tough opponent.  I am sure you would not have it any other way.

Todd enjoys the MMA fight game tremendously. Not only the physical and entertainment side of things, but also the philisophical, historical, and business side of MMA. Todd will be covering any wide variety of these topics here on Inside Fights, and loves a great discussion. Share your thoughts, whether you agree or not. Your input is not only appreciated but requested. Let us know what you think!