Stanley Cup Finals Thoughts

As the resident puck head I figured I should throw some thoughts up about a fantastic game 7.

Just be warned, this probably won’t be too different from any other article you read about game 7.

First things first as I like to say, Sidney Crosby needed to play. I am one of the biggest Crosby defenders around. There are tons of people who think he is a crybaby and weak and just a wuss. I usually stand up for him against all those attacks, but tonight was another story. He is the captain, and that hit didn’t look that serious. I have no idea what injury updates were given during the game (I was in a bar, can’t really hear anything in there, also that’s the reason for any grammatical mistakes here), but to me it didn’t look like anyting worse than a bruise. It was game 7, if all your bones and ligaments are connected in the right place, and you are the captain you HAVE to play. No excuses. Do you think Lidstrom would have sat out with that? Or to conjur up the name of “The Captain” would Yzer have even missed a shift? If you’re healthy enough to play one shift in the 3rd, you’re healthy enough to play 2, if you’re healthy enough for 2, you’re healthy enough for 12. the Pens won without him, like they did alll series, but him not playing the second half of the biggest game of his life thus far was a dissapointment.

Thought number 2…caution, i’m yelling this one. EVGENI MALKIN IS NOT THE MVP OF THE PLAYOFFS!!! Malkin had a great first couple series. He absolutely owned the Caps, and I realize this is a playoff MVP and not a finals MVP, but with that said, there is no way the Pens win the Cup without Marc-Andre Fleury. and I know what you’re thinking, “Oh, how original, give the MVP to the goalie on the winning team.” I can’t really argue with that, except for saying that sometimes goalies are the reason teams win. MAF had a horrible game 5, but bounced back to shut down the Wings in the last two games including some incredible stops. But in all honesty, he woudn’t even be my MVP. If I was selecting who won, I’d give it to Chris Osgood. I’m sure a bunch of other people will be saying the same thing whenever they get their blogs updated, but I’m saying it now. Without Chris Osgood the Wings wouldn’t have made it out of round 2, let alone all the way to game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. We saw what Malkin and Crosby could do to a good goalie in Cam Ward in the ECF, granted the Wings have a slightly better defense in front of the goalie, and they could have done the same to Osgood, and they tried, but Osgood had the answer at every turn. He is the reason the Wings were there, and he was the reason the series went 7. My vote goes to Ozzy.

Third thought, did anyone score more clutch goals than Max Talbot this playoffs? It seems like everytime the Pens needed a goal Talbot gave it to them. I’m sure he just made himself a fair amount of money.

That’s all I’ve got for now, Congrats to the Pens, but nobody give Sideny a ring, he didn’t earn it.

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