Shponga Reverie 002

Shponga Reverie 002 – Barbara


– Now, children, settle down. shush! quiet.

— qui-et!

— If you’re not quiet, Onea will not tell you your bedtime story.

— did you all brush your teeth?

– Cookie, let go of Chair’s braids! Settle down.

— So, kids, what story do you want?

– again? OK, but I must say there are many other interesting stories from her adventures ,,,,oh well…

— do the rod serling voice! Threea, dim the lights.

– all right, then, children; here goes…”The Horrific Slow Painful Death of the Good-for-Nothing Papparazzi”… So, as you know, your great-grandmother barbara had just arrived from overthrowing the Xah Rezah Pahlev in Iran and hadn’t still been sent to Albania for the White Wolf plot. So, with some free time on her hands, she started dating Derek Kapatellis, who was actually from a parallel universe. So, one day, she decided to give in to his love games and….

[Editor’s Note: This week’s panel comes from Marvel Comics’ Barbie Halloween Special Edition. Want more Shpongelettes? Send us your panel suggestions for their channel surfing]