Pulse Wrestling’s TNA Slammiversary Report

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Pulse Wrestling’s TNA Slammaversay Report

Live from Detroit
Announcers: Don West & Mike Tenay
Report EXCLUSIVELY for Pulse Wrestling by: PK

British Invasion (w/ Rob Terry) vs. Rhino & Eric Young – Pre-Show Match
Brits take control quickly on Rhino. Rhino tries to get a tag to EY, but EY drops off the ring and leaves. Jesse Neal comes down and gets in EY’s face, but EY just dodges him, and walks away. Neal is now at ringside begging the ref to allow him in the match. Brits continue to beat down on Rhino, and finally he gets the hot tag to Neal. Neal runs roughshot, body slamming both Magnus & Williams, but eventually Magnus grabs him, and lifts him up, while Williams hits a top rope European Uppercut for the pin.
Winners – The British Invasion

Everyone knows King of the Mt rules? No? Fuck…here we go…
-All 5 men wrestle at once
-No DQ
-When someone scores a pinfall or submission, that person goes to the Penalty Box for 2 mins, and then they are eligible to get the belt
-You must hang the title belt up to win the match

Suicide (c) vs. Jay Lethal vs. Alex Shelley vs. Consequences Creed vs. Chris Sabin – X-Division Championship – King of the Mountain Match
Suicide gets jumped by the other 4 to begin the match. MCMG hits some double teams, and Lethal & Creed gets ladders. Suicide takes control, and hits the Wrist Cutter on Lethal on a ladder, and then scores a pinfall. Suicide is now eligible to hang the title, and Lethal is in the penalty box. Suicide then scores a pin on Shelley as Lethal is coming out. Suicide takes Lethal and sends him to the floor, but then turns into Sabin, who launches a chain in his face. Lethal then hits a Lethal Combination on Suicide on the chair for the pin. Shelley comes out, and Suicide comes back in. Those 4 celebrate in the ring, and Lethal gets the belt, and goes to hang it, but MCMG beats down Lethal & Creed. Suicide comes back in, and then Creed hits a TKO on Shelley and scores the pinfall. Creed & Lethal then double team Suicide, but Sabin comes in, and goes after Suicide, however Suicide Monkey Flips Sabin over on a ladder. Suicide, Creed & Lethal fight on the floor, Sabin runs up a propped up ladder, on the penalty box, and then a splash on Suicide & Creed! Shelley is out, they go to climb the ladder, but they are not eligible, and the ref waves them off. Sabin then lays down for Shelley, and Shelley gets the pin, and Sabin goes to the box. Suicide springboards in, knocking Shelley off the ladder. Lethal sets up a ladder on the turnbuckle, but he gets stuck in the ladder, and Suicide drops Creed on the front end of the ladder, catapulting Lethal. Sabin slides in quick, and gets the pin on Lethal, sending him to the box, and now all 5 men are eligible to hang the belt. Shelley puts a ladder across the guardrail to the ring, and then he and Suicide fight in the ring. Lethal is back in, and Creed lays Sabin out on the propped up ladder, and Lethal hits a top rope elbow drop on the propped up ladder! Shelley goes nuts on Creed, and hits the Sliced Bread on the apron! Shelley goes to the well again, and tries a Sliced Bread on the floor (using the box), but Suicide flips Shelley over, and then dropkicks him over the guardrail. Suicide goes in the ring with the belt and a ladder, but Lethal shoves it over, and Suicide stands on the ropes, and leaps on top on the box. Lethal tosses the ladder there to hit him, but Suicide catches it, and then knocks Lethal on the turnbuckle, and lays the ladder over top Lethal’s back. Shelley has another ladder in the ring, and tries to climb it with the belt, but Suicide runs over the ladder that is on Lethal, and takes Shelley out with a Diamond Cutter, then climbs the ladder and hangs the belt to win.
Winner and Still Champion – Suicide

Lauren reminds us that Team 3D is not here yet, as they had to fly all the way back from Japan after defending the IWGP Tag Team Titles yesterday. Lauren then brings in Shane Douglas. Douglas says that Daniels needs to beat him tonight.

Shane Douglas vs. Daniels – 2nd Chance Match
Wow has Shane lost it. It isn’t his fault, he’s just older. He is very slow. On the floor, Douglas focus’s on Daniels arm, working it on the steel steps. Back in the ring, Douglas poses for the crowd, then goes for the Belly-to-Belly, but Daniels blocks in, and hits quick Judo drop, then the BME for the pin. Thankfully it was short.
Winner – Daniels

JB with Foley. Foley says that Jarrett has his back tonight, so he has a 40% chance of winning. Then after tonight, he will not have to defend the title until Bound for Glory…2010. JB gives him a gift for being part of the Tweet & Tweek…or something like that.

Angelina Love (c) (w/ Velvet Sky & Madison Rayne) vs. Tara – Knockout’s Championship
Tara starts out strong, and sends Love to the floor. Tara baseball slides Love into the steel railing. Tara goes out to bring Love back in, but after Love is in the ring, and the Ref’s back is turned, Madison & Velvet pulls Tara off facefirst to the apron. Love dominates for a while, and then sends Tara outside, where Madison & Velvet beat her down, and send her to the steps. Tara fights back, fending off Velvet & Madison, then goes for Love in the ring, but Tara gets a eye full of hairspray, then the Nose Job for the pin.
Winner and Still Champion – Angelina Love

Raven cuts another classic Raven promo.

Abyss & Taylor Wilde vs. Raven & Daffney (w/ Dr. Stevie) – Monster’s Ball Match
Abyss and Taylor charge the ring, and take control right away. Raven charges with a trash can, but Abyss punches it, sending Raven to the floor. Abyss then tosses Daffney on top of Raven & Stevie! Wilde to the top rope, leaps on all 3! Abyss & Raven pair off, as do Daff & Taylor. They start to fight throughout the crowd. A table gets setup next to the stage, and Taylor lays Daff over the table, and then leaps off the stage on Daff through the table! Abyss & Raven make their way to the ring, and Abyss gets a bag out from under the ring, but Stevie drills him with a chair. Raven then hits the Drop Toe on the opened up chair, and then a series of shots from a kendo stick, but Raven only gets a 2 count. Taylor & Daff make their way back to ringside, but Daff drills Taylor with a cookie sheet. Raven hits the ropes with a trash can, but Abyss kicks it into his face. Stevie is on the apron, and he holds Abyss, Raven charges with a can again, but Abyss moves and Raven hits Stevie. Abyss now opens the bag, and lays out the tacks. Daff comes in and tries to stop Abyss, but Taylor hits a Sky High powerbomb on Daff into the tacks! Raven then comes in, and hits an Evenflow DDT on a chair, but Abyss kicks out! Raven goes for the Evenflow on the tacks, but Abyss reverses it into the Black Hole Slam for the win.
Winners – Abyss & Taylor Wilde

JB with Jarrett. Jarrett needs to win to grab control of his company again. He says that he doesn’t want to be the champion, so he will decide what to do with the title after he wins it.

Recap of Morgan wanting to get in the MEM.

Tenay tells us that Team 3D has arrived.

Sting vs. Matt Morgan – MEM spot on the line
Morgan overpowers Sting to start. They fight to the floor, and Morgan tosses Sting into the guardrail. Back in the ring, Sting takes over, starting to work over Morgan’s leg to set up a Scorpion Death Lock. Morgan again takes control, continuing to overpower Sting. Sting dials is up, and keeps working on the legs. Sting goes to the top, and hits a Missile Drop Kick!! Sting then goes for the Stinger Splash, but gets a Carbon Footprint, but only gets a 2 count. Morgan lifts Sting up for the Hellevator, but Sting slides through, and sort of hits a Scorpion Death Drop for 2. He then locks in the Death Lock, but Morgan powers out. Sting is in the corner, and Morgan charges, but Sting dodges, and Morgan goes face first into the turnbuckle, and Sting leaps on the 2nd rope, and hits a Super Death Drop for the win.
Winner – Sting

JB with Joe & AJ. Joe says that after tonight, they will be the dominate force in wrestling…oddly he is not looking at AJ when he said it though.

Recap of Team 3D/Beer Money.

Team 3D vs. Beer Money, Inc. – TNA Tag Team Championship
Teney & West play up that 3D flew back from Japan today. Beer Money dominates the match. They work over D’Von for quite a while, but finally Bubba gets the hot tag and hits Roode with a Bubba Bomb for 2. They hit the What’s Up, and then call for the tables. D’Von sets one up along the ring, but Strom comes over and takes out D’Von, Roode back in, hits a huge spinebuster on Bubba for 2. The British Invasion come down to do come commentary on the match, and Don West welcomes them to the table. Storm with a HurraCanranna on D’Von, and then a Splash from Roode for 2. Beer Money put D’Von up on the turnbuckle again, but Bubba makes the save, and sets up Roode for the Doomsday Device. Storm goes to spit beer in D’Von’s face, but D’Von moves, and he spits into Roode’s face, and they hit a 3D, however Rob Terry gets up on the apron to distract the ref, and Bubba leaps off the top rope on Terry & Brutus!! Williams gets on the apron, but D’Von shoves him off through the table. D’Von turns into a Superkick, and then the DWI for the pin.
Winners and NEW Champions – Beer Money

JB with Kurt Angle, who is sporting very short hair and a beard! He says that tonight is about he and Joe, and that after tonight, they will be celebrating (MEM?).

Mick Foley (c) vs. Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe vs. AJ Styles vs. Jeff Jarrett – TNA World Title – King of the Mountain Match
See Above for the rules. Angle comes down wearing a Pittsburgh Penguins jersey, and during the introductions Joe puts a Red Wings jersey on a attacks Angle. The refs rule that Joe will start the match in the penalty box, and Angle will be eligible. After a few minutes of melee, Foley finally gets in the ring, and pulls JJ down on him, pinning him. Foley goes to the box, and JJ is now eligible. Joe and JJ square off for a while, but then Foley makes his way back in, goes right after Joe. Joe locks on the Rear Naked Choke, and Foley is choked out. Foley goes back to the box, and now Joe is eligible. Angle brings a ladder in the ring, but Joe is in firm control, hits a suplex on Angle on the ladder. Joe gets the title belt, and goes up the ladder, but Foley makes his way out of the box, and he charges the ladder, dropping Joe, very hard. Foley puts the ladder in the corner, leans Joe on it, and charges, but Joe hip tosses Foley on the ladder! JJ goes up the ladder, but Angle & Foley with take him out. Angle tosses JJ to the floor, and Joe takes Foley to the floor. AJ & Angle fight in the corner, and Angle goes for a German, but AJ flips through and goes for a Tornado DDT, but Angle catches that, and suplexes AJ on a ladder! JJ brings the guitar in the ring, and goes to hit Angle, but Angle dodges it, drops JJ, and locks on the Ankle Lock. JJ fights out, gets the guitar and drills Angle. Foley and AJ fight on top of the box, and after teasing a superplex, Foley hip tosses AJ back in the ring. Joe has the choke on JJ, but JJ drops out, and hits the Stroke on the ladder. Angle slides in, and hits an Olympic Slam on JJ for 2, and Foley leaps off the box with an elbow drop!! He pins Angle, sending him to the box, and Foley is now eligible. Foley goes up the ladder, but AJ comes in with his Legends Title belt, and hits Foley with it, and then hits the Pele, sending Foley to the floor, leaving the Legends Title in the ring. Joe then launches AJ over the top to the floor on Foley! AJ pins Foley on the floor, and is now eligible, and sends Foley to the box. Angle makes his way out, and stops JJ from climbing up the ladder. JJ leaps off the ladder on Angle, hitting a DDT on Angle, and it looked pretty rough. Joe and AJ slug is out a bit. Foley makes his way in, and fights with JJ on the floor. Joe goes up the ladder, but AJ stops him. AJ sends Joe through the ropes on JJ and Foley. Angle in, goes for the Olympic Slam, but AJ flips through, and hits the Styles Clash! AJ makes his way up the ladder, but Joe comes back in and powerbombs him off. Joe goes up the ladder with the belt, Angle goes up to meet him, and Joe goes to hit Angle…but pulls back, and just hands over the belt! Swerve! Angle puts the belt up and wins the match!!
Winner and NEW Champion – Kurt Angle

Booker, Sharmell, Nash and Steiner are on the ramp, giving their applause.

Show Over.

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