B. Brian Blair Arrested For Assualting Kids

The St. Petersburg Times staff writers have the details of the former Killer Bee’s arrest. Blair spent Father’s Day in jail after being arrested for allegedly assaulting his two sons on Sunday morning.

The Tampa Bay Tribune’s Tom Brennan and Josh Politlove have Blair’s comments following his release from jail this morning:

“It’s a real, I guess, unfortunate situation, that it’s a misunderstanding that could have been prevented,” Blair told reporters as left jail. “I have over 7,000 hours mentoring children, and the last thing that I’d ever do is hurt a kid. Sometimes the hardest kids to mentor are your own.”

Also from Brennan and Politlove’s report is the fact that the arrest report says that Blair may have been drinking when the incident took place.

PWI’s Mike Johnson has embedded video of Blair’s statement here.

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