10 Thoughts on RAW – 6.22.09

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1. The opening segment definitely got the live crowd amped up like crazy. To be quite honest, I was feeling excited for the rest of RAW after the Donald Trump segment. The man knows how to work a crowd.

2. Despite John Cena’s extreme cheesiness, his segment with The Miz was awesome… no pun intended. The Miz has really come a long way from when he first entered the WWE in that stupid Tough Enough contest. I don’t recall him talking for more than ten seconds that whole segment, but his face of anger and hate added a completely new feeling to the storyline. That was a legit punch, too. Loved it.

3. What the hell is up with all these cross-brand matches? I turn on USA every week to see guys like Triple H, Orton, The Brian Kendrick, Kofi Kingston, Matt Hardy and William Regal. If I wanted to see Jeff Hardy, Edge or The Great Khali, I’d DVR SmackDown!. Luckily for me, I don’t need to do that because I get all my SmackDown! needs from Pulse Wrestling.

4. Donald Trump’s first actions as RAW Owner were making RAW commercial free this week, making Orton/HHH a Last Man Standing Match and then giving everyone in attendance at RAW a full refund. How do you top that and get more over with the crowd? You fire Santina! I didn’t like the fact that they fired her, but the ending of the segment was very well done.

5. Priceless’ music just keeps getting better and better.

6. Two months ago, Vince McMahon was supposed to be a babyface. Just last week, he got booed out of the building after saying that Trump’s commercial-free idea was stupid. On Monday night, he got the biggest heel heat I’ve heard from a crowd since Cena at WrestleMania. After he purchased RAW back from Trump, he went to Orton and faced it up like he was never hated. What the hell is going on here?

7. Now tell me how WWE would let this Triple H/Randy Orton match top the one at WrestleMania? I paid roundabout $60 dollars for Triple H to absolutely dominate Orton for ten minutes. This Last Man Standing match was, not only a smart way to waste time due to there being no commercials, but was also an amazing match! Personally, I think they should have saved Last Man Standing for The Bash.

8. What’s the point of the second fall being a Falls Count Anywhere Match if they have to go back to the ring for the Stretcher Match?

9. Why is it that every single Big Show/John Cena match drags like it’s a punishment? I honestly fell asleep twice during this match.

10. The Miz pushing Cena was the best dirty-finish I’ve seen in a very long time. The fact that Show busted up Cena’s ribs and then squashed his head at the end is a good enough angle for The Miz to actually go over at The Bash.

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