This Week in ‘E – Bash Landing

The Bash produces some surprising results, and other not-so-surprising ones…plus Lilian plans to say good-bye and more pay per view name changes in store.

Opening Witty Banter
I hope the world is treating you well out there wherever you are reading from. I’m taking the good with the bad and trying to live the life. I just saw “The Hangover” for a second time and it was probably better this time than the first. It’s been a good weekend overall and I’m looking forward to some Independence Day sun and fun.

Let’s take some ‘E…

The News of the Week
It was a bad week for former WWE workers in regards to getting in trouble with the law.

First “Killer Bee” B. Brian Blair was arrested early last Sunday morning in his home state of Florida on charges of assaulting his two underage sons. He was released from jail last Monday and faces two third degree felony charges of child abuse.

Then on Friday morning Brian Christopher was arrested for public intoxication in Tennessee. He is expected in court today.

It’s kind of sad to see the wrestlers we used to see on TV reduced to mug shots and punchlines.

Matt Hardy was injured on Monday night at the RAW taping during his match with Kofi Kingston and William Regal. The match aired on Thursday night on Superstars. He suffered a torn abdominal muscle and is expected to have surgery soon. No timetable has been set for his recovery.

Poor Matt just can’t seem to catch a break right now. Here’s hoping he doesn’t end up on the unemployment line like Mr. Kennedy or Candice Michelle. However Matt is generally regarded as a good and hard worker and this little setback hopefully shouldn’t affect his career to bad.

Former WWE announcer Billy Red Lyons passed away on Tuesday due to cancer. He was a staple of the Canadian wrestling scene and hosted WWE’s Maple Leaf Wrestling.

It’s always sad to see another wrestling performer pass away, but there is small comfort in knowing that it wasn’t another case of the “good dying young.”

USA Network pushed for the three hour RAW and the commercial free show because they are in a neck-and-neck battle with TNT to win the second quarter prime time ratings battle.

So this is kind of like a new Monday night wars except TNT doesn’t have wrestling as the opposition? I love how much love gives WWE and I think these type of specials in the summer are a great thing to help the product stand out a little bit.

According to new reports coming out WWE has changed the names of two more WWE pay per views. Apparently No Mercy pay per view scheduled for October 4 will no be the ever creatively titled “Hell in a Cell.” The October 25 pay per view that was Cyber Sunday is now apparently being billed as WWE Annihilation.

I like that WWE is trying to brand each separate pay per view but a Hell in a Cell themed show just seems like it’s way to shoehorn a Cell match or two in, instead of organically booking on. Cyber Sunday usually was a pretty terrible show match-wise but it did stand out as something different, so I don’t know where they are going with the Annihilation thing.

Lilian Garcia announced that she will be leaving WWE at the end of the year. She is getting married and looking to move on to their life. Hence the job posting that WWE has put out looking for a new female ring announcer.

Well there, now we know why WWE is looking for someone new. Looks like Lilian is another getting out while she can.

MVP was not at The Bash last night as he was on the red carpet with Sheri Shepard on their way to the BET Awards. They were on CNN being interviewed about the death of Michael Jackson.

I happened to just flip on CNN early tonight and saw their little blurb. The straight-laced CNN reporter even called him MVP and Porter got a chance to show off his bling. It looks like they are a real-life couple now, as Sheri said MVP was her date for the weekend.

Hurricane Helms announced on Twitter that Paul Burchill’s brother died while serving his country in Afghanistan.

It’s always sad news to hear another soldier lose their life while serving their country. Thoughts and prayers go out to th Burchill family.

Wrestler of the Week
Week of June 22 – 28: Edge & Chris Jericho
Three Titles changed hands last night at The Bash but Edge & Jericho winning the Unified WWE Tag Championships was the biggest surprise of three changes. What looked like a shoe-in for Legacy to take the belts from The Colons in a two-on-two match was turned on its ear when Teddy Long booked Edge & Jericho into the match hastily to make a three-way dance. The two blonde Canadians now turn the non-existent tag team scene on its ear and with their ability to jump brands due to the Tag belt loophole look for two to run wild all across both RAW and SmackDown.

RAW’s On Tonight!
Tonight will see the fall out from The Bash and the official start to The Night of Champions. Mr. McMahon bought the RAW brand back from Donald Trump for twice what he sold for and I’m sure he is in a foul mood. Nothing has been set in stone for the show but I’m sure Randy Orton will have some sort of victory speech, Triple H will want another rematch and I’m sure John Cena will be looking for his shot as well.

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How They Rated
Superstars (6.18.09) – .9

SmackDown! (6.19.09) – 1.7

A.M. RAW (6.21.09) – .8

RAW (6.22.09) – 4.5

ECW (6.23.09) – 1.1

This is Boring, What Else is There to Read?
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IP Staff Roundtable Results for WWE The Bash pay per view
Here’s the The Bash roundtable featuring Pulse’s best and brightest. No one could have predicted the Tag Title finish, which hurt everyone’s records.

Roundtable Champion: Mark Allen: 5-3 (147-75)

The rest:
Paul Beasley: 4-4 (51-31)
Raffi Shamir: 4-4 (93-71)
Andrew Wheeler: 4-4 (143-82)
Widro: 4-4 (53-34)
Steven Gepp: 3-5 (6-9)

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